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True Colors

Co-create Team Unity While Learning to Value Differences

Connect with yourself and others in a fun interactive True Colors workshop that will help attendees understand more about themselves and how to improve their communication — and relationships — with those around them. Join our 1440 Certified True Colors Elite Facilitator and discover your color spectrum, participate in exercises to brighten your personality attributes, and see the value that our differences and contributions make to our teams and the world.


For more than 45 years, True Colors International has transformed thousands of organizations with its proprietary methodology, and 1440 Multiversity is a proud partner of the organization and its work in creating unity while celebrating our uniquely impactful qualities. Attendees will leave this workshop feeling energized, seen, appreciated, and curious about themselves and those around them which can lead to greater morale, engagement, and retention.



What Is True Colors?

What Is True Colors?

True Colors offers a research-based approach to understanding human behavior and motivation as it applies to all areas of their lives. The True Colors methodology uses colors — Orange, Gold, Green and Blue — as metaphors to differentiate the four primary personality types and illuminate how these types best interact with each other, along with how to celebrate our differences. (more)

All participants begin with the foundational True Colors Personal Awareness & Success workshop, and in this interactive and engaging training you will explore your own distinctive personality strengths and stressors through collaborative group work, facilitated discussion, and "edutainment" designed to illustrate our traits in action. You will also learn to appreciate and respect the differences in the ways people function, which may be different than our own. Attendees will receive simple tools and resources to implement right away to help invigorate their passion and curiosity around personal growth, human potential and our inherent ability to inspire the world. 


  • A minimum of 10 participants is recommended. 
  • Please allot 3 hours for the Personal Awareness & Success workshop.
Build Upon Your Learning

Build Upon Your Learning

Dive deeper into the True Colors methodology with advanced workshops that cater to the unique needs of your team while further developing your sense of self. After taking True Colors Personal Awareness & Success, let your energy, discovery, and creativity flourish with one of the following focused sessions designed to reconnect and harmonize the abilities of your team (please allot 2 hours for maximum learning and engagement):

  • Communication: Understanding the distinctive ways in which different personalities approach communication is key to dissolving communication barriers. This workshop focuses on individual communication styles and further develops the skills to identify, appreciate and work with the different personalities of others.
  • Team Building: Effective teamwork brings new ideas, helps solve problems, and increases productivity. This engaging workshop explores the many nuances of effective team building and teaches skills to drive real collaboration. This training helps guide teams to become higher performing by leveraging True Colors concepts.
  • Conflict Navigation: Unmanaged conflict can stop productivity in its tracks. This workshop explores the nuances of conflict and empowers personnel with strategies to navigate conflict and lean into conversations that matter. These insights allow organizations to achieve a culture that values acceptance and embraces differences, resulting in reduced conflict and higher productivity.
Katie Denbo

Your True Colors Faculty

Meet Katie Denbo, our Certified True Colors Elite Facilitator who enjoys helping teams Work Well, communicate, connect, and understand one another in more fulfilling ways. Elite Facilitators have received training in True Colors specialized topics and are among the top 1% of facilitators available to teach. Katie is passionate about sharing the importance of like-heartedness vs. like-minded and encouraging diversity of thought that True Colors brightens in us.
Learn More & Book Your Workshop

Learn More & Book Your Workshop

True Colors at 1440 is ideal for all industries and organizations who have a willingness and desire to inspire and enrich the world. Transform the dynamic of your team with a custom True Colors workshop or full-day program at our campus the redwoods — all proceeds benefit our 1440 philanthropic and volunteer efforts in support of creating hope for living well. Engage with our 1440 Programming Team to bring this learning experience to your group.