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Leadership Center

Energizing a New Era of Leaders

Here among one-thousand-year-old redwoods and state-of-the-art lecture halls, a new era of leaders is understanding their past, discovering their purpose, and charting their leadership journey to make the world a better place. The 1440 Leadership Center is everything the average hotel conference room is not. The true you, ready to lead.


Our approach is designed to help you build trusted relationships with your people and your organization. To inspire, motivate, and empower others, and that requires trust. Here's how we do it.  

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Mastering Leadership Principles

Our programs integrate indoor and outdoor classroom and experiential learning, contemplative practices, and group dialogue to help you master three authentic leadership principles:
  • Self: Understanding your inner life, thought patterns, and shadow motivations
  • Relationships: Relating to others with greater compassion, empathy, and respect
  • Lifestyle: Producing energy, resilience, and focus to meet leadership challenges

With mastery now comes opportunity.

  • Putting new knowledge to work: Programs help you peel back the layers of who you are, discover your purpose and become an effective authentic leader who can unite people around a common set of values and purpose.
  • Teaming with the best: Through extensive life and professional experience our faculty live by the principles of authentic leadership. Now their purpose is to share what they've learned with you. Together you'll contemplate the complexity and challenges of organizations and leadership.

Leaders from around the world come to The Leadership Center to join in the energizing of a new era of leaders. To learn more about our programs or customize your own, email

Signature Programs

Signature Programs

Led by some of the most sought-after faculty members in the industry, Leadership Center programs offer attendees the opportunity to engage, connect and look within in order to develop the inherent authentic leadership abilities that they already possess.

Leadership Center Luminary Faculty

The 1440 Leadership Center partners with luminaries committed to empowering leaders to be the positive changemakers the world needs. Faculty have both professional and real-life experience as leaders and they openly share their knowledge and inspiration in compelling and meaningful ways.
Faculty members include:
  • Bill George, Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School
  • Michelle Maldonado, Founder and CEO, Lucenscia
  • Scott Kriens, Co-creator, 1440 Multiversity; Chairman and former CEO, Juniper Networks
  • Dana Born, Co-director, Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University
Custom Group Leadership Classes

Custom Group Leadership Classes

Whether your group consists of high-level leaders, small executive teams or organizational managers, 1440 will help you design a customized learning experience around your meeting agenda that blends leadership training, signature classes and team-building activities.
Enhance your program with a custom 1440 Leadership Center session with a respected 1440 faculty member, and make sure to ask about True North Leadership, the flagship program of the Leadership Center inspired by leadership expert Bill George. Contact for more information on these special enhancements.
Engage with The Leadership Center

Engage with The Leadership Center

Create the right leadership experience for your organization by exploring the three ways to utilize our offerings:
  • Apply to the True North Leadership Program: This five-day immersive program is ideal for high-level leaders or small executive teams looking to develop new paths to trusted leadership and inspirational ways of being. True North can also be, and has been, customized to fit a unique corporate need.
  • Cocreated Sponsored Learning: 1440 will help you design a customized learning experience around your organization's meeting agenda including a blend of leadership training, 1440 signature classes, and team-building activities.
  • Team Offsite: Organizations may reserve private learning spaces for organizational and team learning. Reserve one of our classrooms or outdoor gathering spaces for your next team offsite and choose your desired leadership learning experience.

The 1440 Leadership Center Program Guide is a valuable resource for learning more about the campus offerings and leadership resources available for your organization. For additional questions, please email

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