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Vision: Collaborative communities leading generative lives
Mission: A learning destination where energy, discovery and creativity flourish
  • What Does It Mean To Be Alive in 1440 Multiversity

    What Does It Mean To Be Alive?

    Life is happening every moment. It can be beautiful and fulfilling and downright magical, and it can also be complicated, scary and uncertain. Forces inside and outside of our control can take us in directions we never could have anticipated and stretch us beyond where we ever thought we could reach.
    Scott and Joanie wanted to build a place to enliven themselves and others to explore the unknown, and have conversations that matter about things that often aren't talked about. A place to be with ourselves and each other, to receive and give energy, to make discoveries, and to tap into our innate creativity, wisdom and intuition. A place of safety, revelation and renewal.
    This work of being alive is highly personal and never ending. We hope you will join us.