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Make the Time to Go Deep: The Value of 5 Days

11 May, 2019 | Posted by Jenn Brown

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Make the Time to Go Deep: The Value of 5 Days
Your time is precious.
Taking five days to participate in a retreat or immersive learning experience can feel like a lot to ask. But there's good reason to do it, and we think there's no better place for it than 1440.
If there's something you're wanting to do or change in your life, carving out the time to explore that is vitally important. Sure, a stolen evening or a weekend here or there can help you begin to move the needle, but deep work requires a deep dive.
Here are five of our favorite reasons to commit to a longer program.

1) Disruption prompts innovation—even in your personal life.

The alarm rings. You get up, shower, make breakfast, and get the kids off to school and yourself to work. Mondays after work you swim; Wednesdays you call your mom; Friday is movie night; and Saturdays are for errands. Routines can be helpful for organizing your life, for making sure you get done all that needs to be done.
But routines can also be a trap. The predictability of our daily lives, which are often ruled by routines, makes it easy to not take risks. Things we want to change or experiment with never get more than a passing thought, which is usually accompanied by regret.
Much like in business, where disruption is a precursor for innovation, if you're ready for change then disrupting your own routine with an immersive learning program can give you room to innovate your personal life and start to implement the changes you're longing for.

2) Always put your own oxygen mask on first.

You've no doubt heard this before, but that doesn't make it any less true. You've got to take care of yourself to be able to take care of others and do what you're here to do in the world.
Taking care of yourself doesn't necessarily mean bubble baths and massages (even though both are fabulous). It means learning how to listen to yourself and follow your intuition. Self-care is about identifying your core values, discovering ways to cultivate them, and taking steps to live your life in alignment with them. It's the exploration of what it means to be a human being in this crazy world!

3) Slow down to accelerate your learning.

It's a paradox, but slowing down and focusing on one thing can accelerate your learning exponentially. Often when we want to learn something new, we squeeze it in among all our other obligations. Whether you're trying to meditate, coming to terms with loss or change, or finally giving birth to that book you've been working on for years, you will be amazed what happens when you make the time and space to work on that one thing exclusively.

4) Unplug to connect.

There's a lot of talk these days about unplugging, digital detox, digital minimalism, and screen-free living. What's becoming clear is that while being online makes us feel like we're in touch and connected, it's not actually a substitute for face-to-face interactions.
When our in-person connections are built around a shared experience, like learning something new, they are especially powerful. During your time at 1440, you'll have the chance to dial back your screen time and see what magic happens when you listen, talk, eat, and dream with others.

5) Meet the people who will accompany you on the next part of your journey.

Think of this as next-level networking. Your time in a 5-day program won't be about simply finding your next gig—but rather creating a network of connections and support that will help you become a better human being and live into your full potential.
In an immersion you get to work closely with a teacher who will push you and call you forward into what's next. You'll meet fellow travelers in the program sessions and throughout campus who may become part of your new support network.
And we know is sounds corny, but having the support of a new tribe can feel like being welcomed into a new family—one that will play a huge role in your personal growth and evolution for days, weeks, and years to come.

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