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Why Mindfulness?

13 May, 2022 | Posted by 1440 Multiversity

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Why Mindfulness?

Mindful | Mind Full | Mindful


If ever there was a time that our minds are full across the globe, this is it, right?


But "mind full" is not really what we mean by being mindful.


What exactly do we mean? Let's go back to the definition of mindfulness.


Mindfulness (n):


  • the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.


It sounds so easy. Just be aware! Be conscious.


But as we've found out repeatedly in this spring of COVID, being aware can be difficult and it can be kind of painful. Being alive can be kind of painful.


But there's hope! Because the very act of being mindful – of using mindfulness – can help you to cope with pretty much everything that happens in your daily life, even now as we collectively deal with so much uncertainty.


Even better,mindfulness isn't the kind of thing you only can do at certain times or in certain places.In fact, you can bring mindfulness and awareness into every moment of your life. Instead of dwelling on the past or looking to the future just sitting in awareness of the present moment can help you to find strength and purpose in that moment


With that in mind, think about everything that has changed in your life and how mindfulness might help you to cope with those changes.


  • Think about how you're feeling
  • Don't try to change anything
  • Sink into awareness of how your body feels and where your thoughts are


But that's not all mindfulness is! There's so much more when you dive into it. And here's the cool thing: you can practice mindfulness while waiting for a pot of coffee to brew, out in the garden, sitting on the couch, or even in a Zoom meeting!


Now, more than ever, mindfulness is a such a great tool for coping and thriving.


If you're interested in learning more about mindfulness, please check out this on-demand recorded webinar:



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