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Three Ways to Stay with Shared and Private Rooms

Stays at 1440 are immersive learning experiences enjoyed in three ways: as a student attending a faculty program, as a participant in a private event by your organization, or as an individual seeking an overnight Rest & Renewal getaway. Packages are per person and include shared or private accommodations,  locally sourced meals,  wellness activities, tuition (if applicable), and use of the fitness center and infinity-edge hot tub.
Unique from traditional hotels, most accommodations at 1440 are designed to be shared with other guests. We offer shared rooms and modern sleeping pods as well as private rooms and suites with minimalism design, handcrafted artisanal fixtures, and artistic displays of natural elements. 

When you book a shared accommodation, 1440 randomly pairs you with a gender-specific roommate. Each guest has their own bed, storage area and safe for personal belongings, and shares a community hall bath on their building floor. For solo travelers who feel inspired by community spaces, our modern pods sleep eight.

1440 also offers upgraded private rooms with private baths, and suites are designed with an expanded sitting room and sofa. There are intentionally no TVs or phones so you can unplug, relax, and reflect. Each building is equipped with Wi-Fi, a water bottle filling station, and a courtesy phone.
Review the room categories below to select the one that suits you. For private accommodations, to book a shared room for more than one guest, or for an accessible room, call our reservations team at 1-844-544-1440.

Traveler’s Insights

What are the main differences between 1440 Multiversity and a hotel?
What are the main differences between 1440 Multiversity and a hotel?
  • 1440 Multiversity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit learning destination, not a for-profit hotel.
  • Pricing at 1440 is packaged to include overnight accommodations, meals, learning classes, and tuition. Most hotels charge for the room only and all other services are priced separately.
  • 1440 offers a minimalist approach to design and function vs hotels which offer luxurious comforts.
  • 1440 has no minibars, TVs, or room service so guests can focus on the content and reflect on the learning taking place in their classrooms with no distractions; hotels offer most of these amenities, services, and more.
  • Most guests at 1440 are required to share community hall bathrooms vs a typical hotel room that has its own bathroom.
  • Unlike hotels that have one or more dining outlets and room service, there is no a la carte restaurant at 1440. All meals are provided in Kitchen Table community style and guests all enjoy the same menu during set meal hours designed around the learning classes offered.
  • There are no minibars in the guest rooms at 1440 containing beverages and snacks. Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and utilize the complimentary filtered water filling stations in each building. Snacks are available for purchase at Common Grounds café.
  • 1440 has a curfew and expects all guests to honor the 10:00 pm lights out and quiet time mandate to afford all guests a good night's rest to optimize the learning experience.
  • All guests are encouraged to attend movement and mindfulness classes offered at least three times a day as part of their daily package, whereas most hotels do not offer such classes.
  • Traditional hotels offerings such as valet parking, local shuttles, and concierge are not offered at 1440. The campus is designed for students to service themselves.
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Is there an age limit on who comes to campus?
Is there an age limit on who comes to campus?
1440 is primarily an adult-only campus with a minimum age of 18 for those attending programs, unless a program is marketed to include families. If you intend to bring your family, each person must be registered separately with their own confirmed reservation (our all-inclusive package rates are per person, per night) and we request that children under the age of 18 are always supervised by a legal parent or guardian when attending a program. Learn More About Is there an age limit on who comes to campus?
How much does it cost to stay at 1440?
How much does it cost to stay at 1440?
Pricing at 1440 is based on all-inclusive packages which include accommodations, tuition, meals, and signature classes when applicable and vary by the three types of stays we offer. For instance, final pricing for program-based workshops vary and are determined primarily by the tuition amount and the room type each guest elects. Guests who stay for Rest & Renewal have a free schedule to do as they please and the stay amount is primarily dictated by the type of room they choose—there are also curated packages that offer the best value for guests who are not attending workshops. Learn More About How much does it cost to stay at 1440?
Can I upgrade my room when I get to 1440 if I booked a shared room and I don’t like my roommate?
Can I upgrade my room when I get to 1440 if I booked a shared room and I don’t like my roommate?
1440 optimizes attendance at all programs to serve our mission; therefore, it is unlikely that rooms will be available to upgrade to—especially over weekends when the campus tends to sell out. For those that demand privacy, it is strongly recommended that you book private rooms with private baths upon registering for the program. If rooms are available to upgrade to, be prepared to pay prevailing pricing which is typically much higher on the day of arrival since published rates expire 14 – 30 days prior to each workshop. Learn More About Can I upgrade my room when I get to 1440 if I booked a shared room and I don’t like my roommate?
Is the 1440 campus ADA accessible?
Is the 1440 campus ADA accessible?
  • 1440 meets all requirements for ADA compliance and offers those with special needs several options while on campus to make their stay more comfortable including, but not limited to, special room accommodations, accessible ramps, transportation assistance, and communication devices.
  • It is important to note that the campus is situated on hilly terrain, and there is not a continuous accessible pathway between points on campus; however, each building has an accessible path into it. To ensure access between buildings that do not have an accessible path between them, we offer an accessible shuttle. This shuttle is provided to transport guests from parking areas to accessible pathways leading to campus buildings and to transport guests between accessible pathways so that they can enter each building. For additional questions about accessibility and to coordinate your transportation while on campus, please contact us at least two weeks in advance of your arrival at 1-844-544-1440 (option 1) or
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