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Learn, Discover and Nurture your Spirit in the Santa Cruz Mountains 

Nestled in the redwood of Northern California near Santa Cruz, 1440 Multiversity is a holistic learning destination devoted to building collaborative and compassionate communities around the world. The beautiful 75-acre campus is 90 minutes from San Francisco and only 30 minutes south of Silicon Valley and San Jose International Airport.  

Part wellness resort, part Ted-talk auditorium, part university, the campus features state-of-the-art classrooms, indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, and accommodations tucked away in a redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Scenic redwood trails, copper-adorned buildings with majestic views, and decks built around sky-high trunks keep you wrapped in nature.

Campus buildings offer unique housing and social experiences in private and shared rooms, suites and modern pods. With wellness and health classes, a spa, Fitness Center, infinity-edge hot tub and locally sourced cuisine, each stay at 1440 is designed to nurture, educate, and inspire.
    • All-inclusive Package Pricing

    All-Inclusive Overnight Packages

    All packages at 1440 Multiversity includes accommodations, tuition, fresh seasonal food served three times daily, signature classes, free Wi-Fi, self-parking and use of amenities across the 75-acre private campus. For their own safety and security, guests will be issued a personalized registration badge at check-in, which they are required to wear on campus at all times to access classrooms, dining, and other services. Non-registered guests or those who cannot be identified will be refused service. 

    • Shared Accommodations and Bathroom Facilities

    Shared Accommodations

    When booking their stay package, guests may elect a package that includes shared accommodations versus private to take advantage of reduced pricing. In such cases, guests will be assigned to a room with a twin-sized bed and paired with at least one other person that 1440 randomly assigns, separated by gender. Shared rooms have community dorm-style hall bathrooms strategically located in the corridors of each building that are available on a first-come basis. Paired and communal housing inspires social interaction and new experiences. If you prefer a more individual option we strongly recommend you elect a "private" versus "shared" accommodation.


    Regardless of room type, each bed is provided one in-room safe for small valuables; however, storage for other personal items is limited and accessible to your roommates. As a courtesy, refrain from packing any items that may be disruptive to your roommate or impact sensory stimulation of the natural surroundings. When booking a shared accommodation, it is good practice to bring shower slippers, a robe, and something to carry your personal care items in.

    • Nutrition Philosophy

    Nutrition Philosophy

    Fresh, organic, locally sourced and seasonalthis is 1440's approach to food designed to nourish you during your stay. Expect simple, healthy and clean food focused on plant-based ingredients and supplemented with meats and seafood from local vendors.  Enjoy pesticide-free, non-GMO produce, humanely raised and hormone and antibiotic-free meats, grass-fed beef, and sustainably caught or raised seafood, as well as vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and paleo options.


    We can accommodate some kosher and allergen-free requests provided they are at least 14 days in advance of arrival. 1440 does not provide custom meal preparation in any public guest areas and guests are not permitted to bring their own food or beverages into Kitchen Table. 

    • Community Dining

    Community Dining

    Three healthy meals a day at Kitchen Table are part of your package plan. Savor local, organic cuisine during posted breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. In the occasions when the 1440 campus is max occupancy, we will assign specific meal waves to ensure all guests enjoy a unique dining experience and we ask that you respect your assigned meal period. You will be provided instruction upon check-in regarding the meal hours during your stay.

    Kitchen Table offers a variety of indoor and outdoor communal seating for guests to gather and share social interactions. Seating is not reserved or pre-assigned and is always on a first-come basis unless unique circumstances require special arrangements in advance. We ask that you remain mindful of others that have yet to dine and that some programs afford limited dining hours. Please do not reserve seats or move someone else's belongings in Kitchen Table.  


    Kitchen Table is closed to guests between service hours to properly clean, service, and prepare the dining room for the next service. However, Common Grounds café is open for guests who wish to purchase drinks or snacks throughout the day. Because all of our food is prepared fresh and must be held at proper temperatures for safety, no food or service ware may be removed from Kitchen Table at any time except beverages placed in proper "to go" cups. 


    Guests are not permitted to bring their own food or beverages into Kitchen Table, nor is the staff allowed to prepare, warm, or possess any food or beverage we do not procure or serve per local health regulations. 1440 strongly discourages traveling with any food items that cannot be properly sealed given our central location in nature. 

    • Campus Access

    Campus Access

    Guests are provided a program-specific registration badge at the Lodge building upon arrival. The campus at 1440 Multiversity is private and accessible to registered guests only. For your security, you must display your badge visibly at all times when moving about the campus and entering Kitchen Table to avoid being refused access and service by staff. See our FAQs for common questions about 1440.


    The campus is on hilly terrain and there is not a continuous path throughout the grounds. However, each building has its own accessible path and is connected to a public way with self-parking areas in proximity to each guest building.


    Tipping is not required; however, you may do so at your own discretion. All stay packages must be fully prepaid prior to registration.

    • Roommate Etiquette

    Roommate Etiquette

    You will be paired with a roommate when registering for a shared accommodation so be sure to pack minimally and only bring what you need. Since you will not be familiar with the roommate you will be paired with, it is important to respect each other's personal space and expect nuances in hygiene and sleeping habits. We recommend that all guests observe a neutral approach to introducing scents, food, beverages, noise, and devices into the shared environment that may detract from the serenity of the learning experience of your pairing. Private accommodations are also available at a premium, so consider all factors prior to confirming your preference.  
    • Beer, Wine and Spirits

    Beer, Wine and Spirits

    1440 Multiversity offers beer and wine for sale in Kitchen Table and at Common Grounds café. However, no spirits are allowed in any public spaces on campus. Guests who reserve private accommodations are welcome to bring alcohol to 1440 Multiversity to consume only in their rooms (not in shared accommodations or anywhere else on campus), and 1440 reserves the right to refuse service and possibly evict anyone who does not respect the serenity of other guests pertaining to individual preferences regarding the consumption of alcohol. See our FAQs for common questions regarding 1440.
    • Diversity and Inclusion

    Belonging and Unity

    1440 Multiversity is a learning destination where energy, discovery, and creativity flourish. The invitation to learn is extended to all, unbound by human differences. Based on the private events, faculty, and expected attendance, multiple programs and workshops may occur simultaneously. We ask that all attendees enjoy social connections, while respecting the diversity of deep work that is occurring around them. The same applies to our staff who are here to serve you. Be present. Be kind. We all share one heart.

    • Arrival and Departure

    Arrival and Departure

    Guests are invited to enjoy dinner that is included in the overnight package on their arrival night. Dinner is served from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm daily so arrive in time to enjoy your meal and attend the opening session if you are registered for a faculty program. Start and end times vary by program so verify the exact schedule details. There are no refunds provided if you miss or elect not to finish any part of your program.


    If you encounter unexpected travel delays, contact 1440 Multiversity at 1-888-727-1440 to advise us of your delay. If you arrive after 7:30 pm you will miss the package meal, unless previous arrangements have been made, and limited drinks and light fare will be available for purchase in Common Grounds café.


    Programs at 1440 extend into the early afternoon so please respect posted arrival and departure times to avoid delays. As a result, we apologize that early arrival and late departure requests are by and large not accommodated.  

    • Transportation and Parking

    Transportation and Parking

    The best way to get to 1440 is to drive or use ride shares, like Uber. 1440 does not provide complimentary or pre-arranged shuttle service to and from the campus. If you elect to drive, we offer self-parking on a first-come basis for all registered guests who are provided a timed parking pass upon check-in.


    1440 is a private campus so you must obtain an overnight parking pass upon registration, and display it in the dash of your vehicle to avoid being towed. 1440 does not allow RVs or oversized vehicles to park on the campus. Parking is not covered and is exposed to the elements. Guests are not permitted to sleep in their vehicles.

Acceptable to Wear

  • Guests' registration badges must be worn and be visible to staff at all times. Failure to do so may result in refusal of service.
  • Modest, loose, comfortable clothing suitable for meditation, in dark or muted colors.
  • Elastic-waist pants are most suitable.
  • Plan to layer clothing, as temperatures vary greatly throughout the day and night.
  • Shoes suitable for walking on wooded trails and during outdoor signature classes.
  • Bathing suits for the infinity-edge hot tub.
  • For the safety of all guests, foot ware, shirts, and pants must be worn during meal service in Kitchen Table at all times.
  • Formfitting yoga pants for exercise, covered with a long tunic if worn casually.
  • Jeans are acceptable but may constrict the waist and chafe the thighs when sitting in meditation or classrooms.
  • Winters can be a bit cold and rainy, so bring a suitable coat, hat, socks, and gloves.
  • Shoes that are easy to slip on and off as some buildings are shoes-off.

Avoid Packing

  • T-shirts with eye-catching graphics.
  • Overly bright-colored clothing.
  • Tank tops or shorts to wear in classrooms.
  • Cosmetics, perfumes, or colognes that can permeate a room or space.
  • Clothing that makes a lot of noise, such as nylon ski pants or hard heeled shoes.
  • Personal food items as they attract animals and insects from the woods.

Essential Items to Pack and Other Considerations

  • Sufficient clothing for the duration of the retreat.
  • If needed, there are laundry facilities on campus, so refrain from handwashing in shared hall baths or in streams and water features on campus.
  • Your personal thermos or water bottle. We have complimentary water fill stations around campus.
  • Toiletries (hair dryer, razor, shaving cream, shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste, bath towels, unscented soap, shampoo, and lotion). 1440 sells sundries and there are nearby convenience stores for those who prefer not to pack them.
  • Personal medications, vitamins, and supplements. We do not have refrigeration for medicine so consider this when packing.
  • A shawl or pashmina for the classroom or to cover yourself when outdoors.
  • Soft indoor-only slippers for use in the sleeping areas.
  • A bathrobe for traveling between your room and the communal bathroom.
  • Umbrellas are provided on a first-come basis, but you may want to bring a raincoat.
  • Your own supply of tea bags.
  • Dining hours are posted for each meal period and guests are invited to enjoy the facilities any time during the posted service hours.