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Healing Our Community

Providing Hope in the Aftermath of Destruction

1440 Multiversity developed the Healing Our Community initiative as a transition housing program for those directly impacted by the wildfires who have been displaced or had their homes destroyed so they may begin the path to healing and self-care.

The Healing Our Community program includes temporary housing, educational and therapeutic sessions, contemplative practices and embodied movement classes for those who are selected for this program. While services are limited, our campus does offer a safe environment to reconnect, reflect and renew a sense of hope to the lives of others.

Support a Community In Need

Nearly 4.5 million U.S. homes have been identified as at high or extreme risk of wildfire, with more than 2 million of those homes residing in California alone. California has experienced a devastating wildfire season in 2020 with more than 3.1 million acres burned through September - the most recorded in a single year - with tens of thousands of structures destroyed in the fires' wake.  

With the lives of so many individuals turned upside down, the Healing Our Community program was created to provide support and benefit those affected by these destructive fires who must rebuild their lives in the aftermath.

This program seeks the generous support of corporate sponsors, foundation grants and donations - $1 million in support will provide accommodations and relief for more than 100 families.

Start Your Healing Journey

If you have been displaced from your home due to the recent wildfires, are feeling the pressures of these circumstances and are forced to seek shelter and refuge elsewhere, you are eligible to apply for assistance and participation in Healing Our Community -- a first-step toward the renewal of a degree of normalcy during this most difficult time.

This program is limited to 150 participants and provides grief counseling and resources to help you recover from the trauma experienced and begin the healing process. Participants may attend daily signature classes focused on helping you renew your spirit and inner fitness, in addition to joining educational resource sessions to create hope for living well.