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Healing Our Military Veterans

Standing in Unity with Our Service Members

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs reports that 20 service members and veterans die by suicide each day for a variety of reasons, ranging from coping with the effects of aging, flashbacks, isolation, chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, homelessness and PTSD to unaddressed chronic health conditions stemming from military service. Many veterans have underlying mental health conditions or substance use disorders aggravated by their military service which increases their risk.

PTSD is a disorder that causes an imbalance in the nervous system. It is a physiological response to a traumatic experience, not a reflection of the mental strength, professionalism, or willpower. Caring for those who are and have served our country requires a commitment to integrate service delivery and to coordinate resources for these individuals.

Support Our Military & Veterans

The Healing Our Military & Veterans program seeks the generous support of corporate sponsors, foundation grants and individual donations: Every $500,000 affords 1,000 military members and service veterans the opportunity to benefit from this life-changing program and destigmatize mental illness. Based on your support, these patriots can learn to master their nervous system and with the help of trauma professionals learn highly effective methods to clear up intrusive memories, flashbacks, and nightmares to bring it back into balance. Contact 1440 Multiversity to support this program.

Start Your Healing Journey

All active service members and military veterans (A DD214 or other Proof of Service is required) are invited to participate in this program for free through a nomination process or sponsorship.
The Healing our Military Veterans program at 1440 will consist of periodic cohorts that include a comprehensive curriculum to address depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts and promote a stronger sense of belonging and purpose among veterans. Addressing specific mental health issues will bring participants closer to one another and help them integrate better into their communities through a range of activities, breathing exercises, medication techniques, community service, and other strategies.