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1440 specializes in collaborating with organizations that demonstrate a diverse range of social responsibility goals and initiatives committed to making the world a better place. As a non-profit 501(c )(3) we are pleased to foster the work of the 1440 Foundation while being supported by clients with a strong workplace cultures who care about essential social issues and give back to their employees and communities. Propel your team to new heights with purpose at 1440 Multiversity—the newest and most desirable learning destination in the United States.  
Named for the number of minutes in a day, 1440 offers a unique residential campus setting ideal for expanding personal and professional development. Our events team will work with your organization to infuse your usual agenda with signature classes of your choice from leadership training, meditating, or doing tai chi during your breaks to partaking in a group drumming class, evening hike, and much more. Harmony in the workplace begins here.  

This one-of-a-kind experiential hands-on learning at 1440 will elevate the energy of your workplace by building community, collaboration and creativity at all levels of your organization. Whether it's a day of conversations that matter or spending the day in one of our outdoor classroom areas under the majestic redwoods that seemingly touch the sky, our events team will provide you with unique options to make your next retreat or conference exceptional and unforgettable.  

If you are a mission-aligned organization and wish to reserve space for your purpose-driven organizational event or to speak to one of our programming sales professionals, call 1-888-727-1440 for more information. If you prefer, you are welcome to send us an email or submit an online Request for Proposal. 
    • All-Inclusive Package Pricing of 1440 Multiversity

    All-Inclusive Package Pricing

    All 1440 Multiversity stays include your choice of accommodations (prices vary), fresh seasonal meals served in community at the Kitchen Table three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), overnight self-parking, signature classes (available to all 1440 guests), and access to our 75-acre wooded campus that includes the infinity-edge hot tub, nature trails, and Fitness Center. Private events, meals, and classes can be arranged for any size group.
    • Private Dining in 1440 Multiversity

    Private Dining and Events

    Kenny Woods, Executive Chef, is pleased to offer private customized dining experiences for groups that prefer an exclusive venue for dinner. Available for groups from 10 to 300 people, your exclusive dining experience will feature fresh seasonal local ingredients and an unforgettable evening of interactive fun and culinary education that your group will not soon forget. Inquire with our Events team for more information about pricing and availability of 1440's vast array of unique venues for private rental.

    • Corporate Retreats in Learning center of 1440

    Organizational Retreats

    Retreat with a purpose. 1440 believes the path to self-discovery is traveled together-never alone. Group gatherings in the California redwoods near Santa Cruz build alignment among like-hearted individuals with no limits to what they can accomplish. Whether it's enriching the dynamics of communication or stretching mental and physical boundaries, gatherings at 1440 bring the outdoors into the boardroom, elevate your investment impact, and ultimately challenge the status quo of the human potential movement of your team.
    • 1440 Purposeful Getaways

    Purposeful Getaways

    At 1440 Multiversity, your group's intentions are realized. Partner with us to plan your group stay (which requires 10 rooms or more, per night) and our Events team will customize your wellness itinerary and provide an all-inclusive group package distinctly designed for you. Connect. Reunite. Celebrate. Renew.
    • Community Building  
    • Philanthropic Planning  
    • Milestone Life Events  
    • Relationship Retreats  
    • Organizational Wellness  
    • LGBTTQQIAAP Groups  
    • Mindful Gatherings  

    Budgeting your plans is easy at 1440 as all group getaway packages include three daily nourishing meals served in Kitchen Table, a wide-ranging selection of signature classes to include both indoor and outdoor signature classes and activities such as guided nature walks, yoga, meditation, improv, lectures, fitness classes, and the Healing Arts center. The possibilities for a unique learning event and lasting memories are endless. 

    Ride share options are available from all three major airports in proximity to 1440 Multiversity:
    • SJC, San Jose (27 miles)
    • OAK, Oakland (58 miles)
    • SFO, San Francisco (60 miles)
    • Classrooms and Facilities of 1440

    Classrooms and Facilities

    Our forest backdrop in the Santa Cruz Mountains is the perfect setting for your next group gathering. California's ancient redwoods are among the oldest living things on Earth. Because they live more than 1,000 years and grow to immense heights that seemingly touch the sky, the towering redwood trees store more atmospheric carbon per acre than any other forests on the planet. Meetings at 1440 are special. With incredible sunrises, sunsets and 255 days of sunshine, 1440 Multiversity is the ideal destination for groups looking for distinctive classroom settings and outdoor learning spaces such as the Redwood amphitheater and the Cathedral that are immersed in nature. 

    • Signature Classes and Experiences at 1440

    Signature Classes and Experiences

    As a mission-driven nonprofit, we welcome mission-aligned groups and organizations seeking extended time together for problem-solving, collaboration, learning, connection, and more. Groups at 1440 Multiversity are invited to experience life together. As a destination of self-discovery and learning we invite you to be yourself and meet others at the intersection of diverse experiences, creative ideas, and unique team-building activities facilitated by one of 24 members of our campus faculty to meet your specific objectives. Take part in our daily signature classes or ask us to customize one especially for you and your team.

Traveler’s Insights

What is considered a group?
What is considered a group?
A group is defined as a gathering of people (typically 10 or more) for two nights or more that wish to organize a private learning experience unrelated to an existing faculty program. This can be an organization, corporate event, or social gathering where you wish to create your own schedule provided that a mission-aligned learning experience is part of your plan. Learn More About What is considered a group?
What is the educational requirement in order to book by private group or event at 1440?
What is the educational requirement in order to book by private group or event at 1440?
Part of the inquiry process for booking a private group or event requires answering a series of questions to determine the outcome of your visit to 1440. Generally speaking, you must engage in a mission-aligned learning experience (corporate consciousness, professional growth, leadership development, mindfulness, social justice, signature class participation, etc.) as part of your stay. 1440 is always willing to partner with you to create an agenda for your private event. For more information and assistance in creating collaborative communities, organizations, or workplaces or social consciousness, contact our group department at +1-888-727-1440. Learn More About What is the educational requirement in order to book by private group or event at 1440?
Do I have to share a room?
Do I have to share a room?
The majority of accommodations at 1440 require being paired with a roommate and utilizing a community hall bath (vs a private en suite) since we are a learning destination campus and not a hotel. If you are attending a private event, your company or organization predetermined the housing stipulations; therefore, questions regarding housing should be directed to your company or organization, not to 1440. If you have questions related to the type of rooms available, please contact 1440 for more information. Learn More About Do I have to share a room?
Can I participate in a program while here on campus with my private group or event?
Can I participate in a program while here on campus with my private group or event?
Private group or event attendees may register for a program before or after their private event; however, they are not allowed to access a program classroom they are not registered for. Learning experiences at 1440 are immersive so partial participation in any class or program is not permitted. 1440 staff and faculty monitor attendance throughout each workshop and any non-registered guest identified as participating in any part of a program workshop will automatically be assessed the full published tuition fee. Learn More About Can I participate in a program while here on campus with my private group or event?
Do you offer private meals in meeting spaces?
Do you offer private meals in meeting spaces?
All meals are provided for all campus guests at 1440 in Kitchen Table in a community setting to encourage social conversation and networking among all program participants. Meals for private events are possible with advance notice and at additional fees provided a private venue is available. Please contact our sales or events team for more information. 1440 is not a hotel so please provide ample time to plan and arrange any private event as many considerations must be given in terms of venue, staffing, equipment, menu planning, etc. Learn More About Do you offer private meals in meeting spaces?