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Love Mama Grief Retreat

A Healing Retreat for Grieving Mamas | April 3-7, 2024

The Love Mama Grief Retreat offers a nurturing and secure setting for Mothers of Angels to connect with a community of bereaved parents who have experienced similar traumatic losses. Hosted at the 75-acre nonprofit 1440 Multiversity campus on April 3-7, 2024, this retreat could be the right fit for you if you've had a child transition at any age, or experienced a pregnancy loss at any stage, and you're seeking a space where you can be embraced, supported, and looked after, if only for a short while. This is an opportunity to let go of daily pressures and the expectations of others, allowing yourself the space to breathe and heal.


This five-day, four-night experience is intended to provide the safety and healing you need to fully inhabit your grief — to pause, reflect and perhaps begin to discover new meaning that may be found by going and growing through this pain.



Your Journey Starts Here

The loss of a child is deeper and wider than any other loss. There is amazing healing and power found spending time with others who empathize with and share a similar level of loss. Our hope is that attendees discover deep and lasting community and friendships with like-minded souls they can be supported by and support long after the retreat ends.

Holistic Healing Activities

Dr. Berman is bringing together her favorite healers who are all donating their time to this extraordinary experience. In addition to all-inclusive accommodations, nourishing sustainable meals, and a likehearted supportive community, activities include:

  • Guided daily mindfulness and meditation sessions
  • Group sessions and expert talks
  • Reiki and other forms of healing body work
  • Sound baths
  • Grief yoga and breath work
  • Forest bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku
  • And much more

Meet Your Support Group

Dr. Laura Berman, renowned relationship therapist and television host, transformed her personal tragedy into creating a refuge of support for grieving mothers with the Love Mama Grief Retreat. Her journey of healing began with the unexpected loss of her 16-year-old son Sammy in February 2021, leading her to the transformative sanctuary of 1440 Multiversity.

Inspired by her own path to peace and clarity, Dr. Berman, in collaboration with David Kessler, an acclaimed author and grief expert who intimately understands the pain of losing a child, established the retreat as a haven for mothers. Together with other dedicated teachers and healers donating their time, they have created an environment where mothers can find support, embrace healing, and forge deep, loving connections to their lost children in spirit, all while honoring their memory and working through their pain.

Become a Donor or Sponsor

Whether you're an individual, a nonprofit foundation, a philanthropist, or a corporation, your heartfelt generosity will support the Love Mama Grief Retreat. Your donation will fund scholarships, making it possible for 30 mothers who otherwise couldn't afford to attend, to be selected through a random draw from our online applications. Every penny of your donation will be fully utilized to aid in the healing journey of all participating mothers.