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Bill George

When you have discovered your True North, you are ready to discern the purpose of your leadership - your North Star. When you do so, people will naturally gravitate to you and your leadership, and join you in striving for that clear sense of purpose.
Bill George

Become a True North Leader at 1440

By Bill George

As I wrote in my book, Discover Your True North, your True North is the essence of who you are—your most deeply held beliefs, values, and principles you lead and live by. Discovering your True North requires deep introspection of your life story, the times you have lost your way, and your most challenging crucibles in order to gain the self-awareness of what is most important in your life and the causes you want to devote yourself to. Only then will you be prepared to lead other people, because the hardest person you will ever have to lead is yourself.


When you have discovered your True North, you are ready to discern the purpose of your leadership—your North Star. When you do so, people will naturally gravitate to you and your leadership, and join you in striving for that clear sense of purpose.


As you lead teams with purpose and values, you will find that you can have much greater impact through your leadership.


Are you eager to take the next step in your leadership so you can have greater impact? Or are you stuck in a role that lacks real meaning for you? Do you want more fulfillment from your life? Are you ready to explore how to get it? The world is crying out for more authentic, trustworthy, and inspiring people to follow. Are you that kind of leader? If so, then 1440 Multiversity's True North Leadership program is right for you.


1440 Multiversity cofounder Scott Kriens and I have created a 5-day program designed for you and other leaders like you to discover your True North and become a True North leader.


In True North Leadership you will be able to discern the purpose of your leadership and ascertain how you can make a unique difference in the world. In addition to Scott and myself, the faculty includes leadership expert retired Brigadier General Dana H. Born from Harvard Kennedy School, human potential guru and Lucenscia CEO Michelle Maldonado, and George Family Foundation president Gayle Ober.


True North Leadership participants are leaders from a wide range of organizations—nonprofits, foundations, healthcare, education, small and large businesses, government, media, and even a dedicated professional firefighter. Several participants come from outside the United States. Based on participant feedback from the first program in 2018, the program continues to be a huge success. Many of the participants continue to meet regularly with their small groups of six leaders that are an integral part of the program.


The unique setting of 1440 Multiversity makes all the difference in this program as it engages your mind, body, and spirit in building a sense of community shaped with other participants. The program is designed to activate not just your brain but all your senses in the beauty of the setting. Classes are held twice per day inside a large classroom and also outside in the Redwood amphitheater and forest Cathedral. Each class begins with a short mindfulness meditation designed to ground everyone and enable them to set an intention for the class. Most of the classes use the case study method as a basis for discussing issues important to participants about their leadership.


All participants are assigned to True North groups of five people plus a facilitator. The groups meet twice daily following each class, mostly outdoors. These sessions provide opportunities to discuss personal leadership issues in an intimate, confidential setting—and are rated as the highlight of the program.


Early each morning there are movement classes featuring yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and more. In the late afternoons and evenings there are nature walks, healthy eating classes, meditation sessions, additional speakers, programs, and opportunities to use the amazing Healing Arts spa and Fitness Center on the property.


The healthy food served in 1440 Multiversity's Kitchen Table provides three fabulous meals daily. All participants are housed on campus in accommodations of their choice, ranging from economical Asian-style pods with eight to a room to double rooms and even luxurious private suites.


One of the great strengths of this program is the diversity of the participants—the vast array of life experiences, backgrounds, and professional fields represented—that enables us to learn from each other. It is through mutual sharing that we grow to become better leaders and gain the ability to tackle greater challenges.


1440 Multiversity's True North Leadership program invites you to join us for a unique opportunity to take your leadership to the next level as you discover your True North.


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