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First Steps to Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be

03 Oct, 2020 | Posted by Lisa Wimberger

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Some of the most complex emotional situations to navigate come from the way we learn or don't learn to relate to one another. Relationships with individuals and groups are the fundamental building blocks of successful teams and societies, and they require a healthy prefrontal cortex (PFC).


The PFC is the newest part of the brain in terms of evolution, and also the most complex. The PFC governs all the aspects of our lives that make us feel distinctly human; using empathy, leading by example, probem-solving, inspiring others, motivating ourselves, and more. Without a healthy PFC we tend to biologically default to our fight-or-flight response. It's simply in the way we are wired. Relating to one another with understanding and compassion triggers different parts of our brains.


In today's busy world, we are living in a time of transition and a sometimes-challenging call to higher levels of relating to one another with compassion and empathy. Great and cutting-edge leadership today demands an understanding of the brain. Learning tasks to train our brain to be wired toward compassion and empathy is simple yet it's not easy as it takes practice and repetition to build new neural pathways.


Here are 5 tips you can begin today to keep your PFC healthy and wired toward optimal leadership.

1. Eat healthy fats
2. Meditate for five minutes
3. Do a mind-engaging task, puzzle, or new and fun activity
4. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand
5. Choose a new route to work


Becoming the leader you were meant to be takes time, focus and practice. Priming our neural pathways toward empathy and compassion is the first step. To learn more about wiring your brain for optimized leadership and to get a free ebook on how to jumpstart your practice visit


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