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"It's Not About Finding Your Passion": Dave Evans on Designing Your Life

13 May, 2019 | Posted by 1440 Multiversity

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Dave Evans, cocreator of Designing Your Life (DYL) and cofounder of the Stanford Life Design Lab, has a lot to say about the dysfunctional beliefs that guide us when it comes to crafting our lives and careers.
It turns out that 80% of college graduates work outside of their chosen area of study. So, does it make sense to continue believing that we're supposed to productively "use" our degrees in career-determining ways?
Ummm, maybe not.
And if college education can't guide us in the way we'd hoped, does finding – and following – our passion do the trick?
Nope, says Evans. Watch here as he debunks the myths that often get us stuck.
Are you ready for a mind-blowing weekend designed to help you get unstuck?
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