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Inspiring Faculty Visit Scotts Valley 

From artists and prominent health experts to championship athletes and business leaders, 1440 Multiversity's esteemed and diverse faculty will inspire, encourage and provide guests with the skills, knowledge and tools to lead richer and more fulfilling lives. Learn more about our carefully selected team of renowned leaders, scholars and doctors that will guide you through your journey of self-exploration and discovery.
Alan Gordon, LCSW
Expert in pain psychology and pain treatment
Bill Philipps,
Author and psychic medium
Binay Curtis,
Certified nutrition consultant, Inferno Hot Pilates instructor
Ed Levinson ,
Red Dragon™ Yoga instructor
Howard Schubiner, MD
Creator of Unlearn Your Pain program
Manisha Thakor, MBA, CFA, CFP®
Financial literacy advocate and financial planner for women
Caroline Myss,
Renowned medical intuitive and human consciousness pioneer
Keith Mitchell,
Author, wellness and yoga expert
Omid Safi, PhD
Islamic Studies scholar
Sharon Salzberg,
Best-selling author, teacher of Buddhist meditation practices in the West
David Creswell, PhD
Mindfulness researcher and psychology professor
Julianna Raye,
Mindfulness trainer and CEO at Unified Mindfulness
Kelly Notaras,
Writer, editor, and steward of life-changing books
Marla Apt,
Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Shinzen Young,
Mindfulness teacher and neuroscience researcher
Arielle Ford,
Love and relationship expert and speaker
Martha Beck, PhD
Best-known life coach in America
Warren Farrell, PhD
American educator, activist, and author of seven books on men's and women's issues
Scott Schwenk,
Master coach, meditation teacher
Chandresh Bhardwaj,
Spiritual teacher