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The Fun of Having an Unexpected Roommate

11 May, 2019 | Posted by Lisbeth Darsh

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The Fun of Having an Unexpected Roommate
"Excuse me?"
Many of us give side-eye when asked to share our personal space. We don't like sharing tables in restaurants, getting too close in yoga class, or buddying up on public transportation.
Then we start planning a vacation and–what?–our usual "single room, please" is met with:
"Coming with a friend? You're welcome to stay together. Otherwise, we mindfully match roommates of the same gender."
Roommate? Is this camp? Will there be swimming lessons and buddy care, followed by writing letters to our parents?
Ha! No! You see, we're not kids anymore, but—here's the deal—we can still have fun like kids. Think grown-up kids with lattes, a more worldly view, classes to attend, delicious food to eat, and maybe even a glass or two of wine. And sharing a room with someone new is part of that fun.
Why? Because it kicks opens the closed experience we might otherwise have. Look around you in this world. You'll see groups of people in public spaces, staring into their phones, disconnected from the human beings right next to them. Even in the middle of a huge crowd, there can be a sense of loneliness that lingers in the air like a virus.
Here at 1440 we want to help you reconnect with the human experience in the digital age.
With extraordinary design and deliberate implementation, we have created a vibrant space in the magnificent redwoods near Santa Cruz where you can relax and come alive. And we think the immersion in community can include sharing space with someone you've never met before. Maybe you'll even make a new best friend.
Listen to what Joanie Kriens, 1440 Multiversity cofounder, had to say about sharing a room at Esalen Institute five years ago: "When I first met Roberta, my guard went up. As an introvert, how would I coexist for a week with this bubbly, high-energy New Yorker 15 years my senior? But upon discovering our mutual love of poetry, we talked and laughed until 2:00 am that night, connected deeply over the week, and still keep in touch on Facebook. I realized that having the courage to bond with people different from me is where growth happens, and I wanted more of those opportunities."
Those moments are the kind we hope to create here at 1440. You can still check your email and surf the internet (there's wi-fi in all of our rooms and public spaces), but we also want to foster unique opportunities that reward adventurous souls who stay open to the possibilities of this life—and sharing a room is one way to do this.
In our fast-paced world, it can be all too easy to keep to ourselves. Maybe it's time to create more connections and embrace a certain joie de vivre that comes when you relax and let the world in a little bit more.
So, when you're booking your accommodations at 1440, embrace your inner adventurer and consider that double or triple room. Like Neha Sangwan, MD, says, "You can dance alone, but the art of dancing with another takes communication to the next level."
Get ready to dance. We'll see you soon.

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