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The Hottest Programs at 1440 in 2020

20 Dec, 2019 | Posted by Natasha Dadlani

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Here's your guide to what we think will be the hottest programs at 1440 in 2020! 


The Practice at 1440 Multiversity: A Design-Your-Own Yoga Retreat 


"Whatever our limits are in range of motion, no matter how small or how big, within that range of motion, there's an infinite amount of space to explore." – Rodney Yee   


The wonderful thing about The Practice at 1440 is that you get to decide exactly what you're focusing on for the weekend. Ever wanted to design your own yoga retreat? Now you can.  


This collaboration between 1440 and Yoga Journal is bringing together some of the best and biggest names in yoga (like Seane Corn) so you can choose from different instructors and classes to create your perfect yoga retreat! 


Why we're excited:  


Join Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD, Saturday morning class, I Have a Dream: A Practice to Honor the Voice and Work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Using the words of Dr. King's famous speech, she will lead a practice and meditation grounded in the practice of ahimsa (nonviolence). Dr. Roberts is also the co-founder of an Atlanta-based nonprofit Red Clay Yoga.  



The Power of Prayer: Insight, Transformation, and Truth with Caroline Myss

"Somewhere within all of us is a thread, however worn that might be, that attaches us to the invisible, imaginary, indescribable, seductive, chaotic, calming, terrifying, enchanting, miraculous and mysterious domain of the sacred. Tug at the thread and something indeed tugs back." – Caroline Myss 

Why we're excited:  

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times best-selling author and a renowned medical intuitive. Her amazing insight into the power of prayer is legendary and this class roster is filling fast. Get your spot before it sells out! 



Path of the Courageous Heart with Omid Safi, PhD, and Sharon Salzberg  


"Go, be your best self. Be your most beautiful self. Be your luminous self. Be your most generous self. Be your most radically loving self. And when you fall short of that—as we all do, as we all have—bounce back and return. And return again. There is a grace in this returning to your luminous self." 
Omid Safi, PhD 

Why we're excited:  

Sharon Salzberg is a meditation superstar credited with helping bring meditation to the West and she will be teaching alongside highly-regarded writer Omid Safi: this is a dream team! (If you haven't checked out Omid's writing for On Being, we highly recommend it. You'll find delightful nuggets of wisdom, insight, and resilience.) 

Metta, or Lovingkindness, meditation is a specific meditation practice that can help you reconnect with yourself and engage in the world with a sense of love and self. 


Navigating the Storm: Finding Peace and Purpose in Uncertain Times with Martha Beck, PhD 


A session with a life coach can be incredibly helpful. A weekend with America's most renowned life coach is a game-changer.  

Why we're excited:  

We love Martha Beck for so many reasons that it's hard to choose just one. But since we absolutely must choose one (this blogpost can't go on forever—though we wish it could!) we'd say that Martha has this incredible ability to take difficult topics and make them so simple and digestible anyone can use it. For instance, she says, 

"I want to tell you a secret about that really big decision you're trying to make. You know the one. Ready? Here it is: You have already made that decision."  

Thought-provoking, right? Martha's advice helps you dive deep and begin to question what wisdom you might be keeping from yourself. 



The BOX Sessions™: A Creative Gathering in Collaboration with & Hosted by Laura Holson 

Why we're excited:  

Award-winning New York Times journalist Laura Holson is bringing some of the most innovative and creative thinkers of our time to our campus here in the redwoods. 

Original thinkers like:   

  • Cooking sensation Samin Nosrat 
  • The Moth radio show and podcast 
  • Cartoonist, author, and MacArthur Fellowship "genius grant" recipient Lynda Barry 

  • Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu

  • Novelist Jonathan Franzen 

  • Emmy-award nominee Alec Berg 

  • And others!  

In breakout sessions and workshops, you'll learn directly from these creative geniuses.  



DreamCamp with Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala 


The Sheri + Nancy Show comes to 1440! 

Why we're excited:  

Have you read Sheri Salata's incredible book The Beautiful No? Sheri Salata is the former Executive Producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, and her book The Beautiful No chronicles her real-life transformation once she left her dream job. We're so excited that she's bringing her experience and story to 1440 so you can learn about how she created the life of her dreams, and how you can too.  

Sheri and Nancy rocked the 1440 campus in 2018 with "This Is 50" and we can't wait to welcome them back! Don't wait on this one either: we expect a full campus. 



Playful Magic with Elizabeth Gilbert and Sarah Jones 

Elizabeth Gilbert returns to 1440 and this time she brings a new partner in creativity, Sarah Jones. 

Why we're excited:  

This program is bringing together two incredibly talented people to the 1440 stage: 

  • Elizabeth Gilbert is the best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love and numerous other award-winning books, including City of Girls. Her TED talks have been viewed by over 18 million people and she is one of our favorite teachers here at 1440. She sold out the campus twice with Brave Magic with Cheryl Strayed and we expect Playful Magic to be absolutely fantastic. 

  • Tony award-winning performer, writer Sarah Jones has been lauded by critics, including the New York Times. Her off-Broadway play Bridge & Tunnel was produced by Meryl Streep.  

"Sarah's particular genius is the intimacy she creates." – Artistic Director Tony Taccone 






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