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Energizing a New Era of  Leadership 

1440 is dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to the way leadership and organizational life are practiced, concentrating on personal authenticity, trust building, and energy-producing outcomes. The 1440 environment will help you know yourself, sharpen your essential leadership qualities, and discover new solutions to today's problems. High-potential leaders leave with an increased ability to inspire, motivate, and empower others.  By integrating classroom and experiential learning, contemplative practices, and group dialogue, the 1440 approach centers on three authentic leadership principles you can master and share with your organization.
  • The Self: Discovering how to become aware of one's own inner life, thought patterns, and shadow motivations.
  • Relationships: Understanding how to relate to others with greater compassion, empathy, and respect.
  • Lifestyle: Producing the energy, resilience, and focus needed to meet leadership challenges.
    • True North Leadership at 1440

    True North Leadership

    1440's Signature Leadership Program
    Designed by 1440 Multiversity, our signature 5-day immersive learning program is ideal for high-level leaders, start-up entrepreneurs, and small executive teams looking to transform their leadership path and organizational culture and become the authentic leaders they were born to be. This program can also be customized to meet your organization needs.
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    Team True North Leadership 1.4 CEs In Connection Together with UC Berkeley Corporate Education

    In connection with UC Berkeley Corporate Education

    Team True North Leadership will take you on a transformational journey from your "I" leadership beginning to "We" leadership future. As you learn to build trust and lead from a deep sense of purpose, you will be able to align teams around a shared purpose and empower them to learn, innovate, and lead.

    In this 3 day program you'll learn to:

    • Understand who you are as a leader and deepen the significance of your work
    • Expand your self-awareness and situational awareness to be more effective
    • Align people around a common purpose and the mission of your organization
    • Use the collective knowledge and abilities of diverse teams for better outcomes
    • Build trust and engagement by being vulnerable and the first to offer
    • Improve motivation, innovation and productivity by adopting a growth mindset
    • Unify team commitment and accountability through empowerment and ownership
    January 21 - 23, 2020
    Faculty: Scott Kriens, Chairman and former CEO, Juniper Networks, Co-founder 1440 Multiversity
    Dan Mulhern, Distinguished Practitioner of Business and Law at UC Berkeley
    Expert on Leadership and Organizational Development

    $4,000 Tuition: includes 2 nights and meals at 1440
    $3,600 for Cal Bear Members: includes 2 nights and meals at 1440
    1.4 C