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  • Frequently Asked Questions in 1440 Multiversity
What do groups do when they come to 1440? Organizations and companies that gather at 1440 for meetings, retreats, or social consciousness movements are required to schedule some form of learning as part of their itinerary. 1440 has a group department to organize private signature classes and learning experiences to include private team-building activities, guided nature walks, movement classes, or creative expression activities. For more information regarding our signature group classes please call +1-888-727-1440.
What is considered a group? A group is defined as a gathering of people (typically 10 or more) for two nights or more that wish to organize a private learning experience unrelated to an existing faculty program. This can be an organization, corporate event, or social gathering where you wish to create your own schedule provided that a mission-aligned learning experience is part of your plan.
What is the educational requirement in order to book by private group or event at 1440? Part of the inquiry process for booking a private group or event requires answering a series of questions to determine the outcome of your visit to 1440. Generally speaking, you must engage in a mission-aligned learning experience (corporate consciousness, professional growth, leadership development, mindfulness, social justice, signature class participation, etc.) as part of your stay. 1440 is always willing to partner with you to create an agenda for your private event. For more information and assistance in creating collaborative communities, organizations, or workplaces or social consciousness, contact our group department at +1-888-727-1440.
Do I have to share a room? The majority of accommodations at 1440 require being paired with a roommate and utilizing a community hall bath (vs a private en suite) since we are a learning destination campus and not a hotel. If you are attending a private event, your company or organization predetermined the housing stipulations; therefore, questions regarding housing should be directed to your company or organization, not to 1440. If you have questions related to the type of rooms available, please contact 1440 for more information.
Do you offer team-building activities and custom class offerings for groups? See answer above, under "Can I book a private signature class for myself or my group?"
Can I participate in a program while here on campus with my private group or event? Private group or event attendees may register for a program before or after their private event; however, they are not allowed to access a program classroom they are not registered for. Learning experiences at 1440 are immersive so partial participation in any class or program is not permitted. 1440 staff and faculty monitor attendance throughout each workshop and any non-registered guest identified as participating in any part of a program workshop will automatically be assessed the full published tuition fee.
Do you offer private meals in meeting spaces? All meals are provided for all campus guests at 1440 in Kitchen Table in a community setting to encourage social conversation and networking among all program participants. Meals for private events are possible with advance notice and at additional fees provided a private venue is available. Please contact our sales or events team for more information. 1440 is not a hotel so please provide ample time to plan and arrange any private event as many considerations must be given in terms of venue, staffing, equipment, menu planning, etc.
Do you have alcohol? See below, under "Is alcohol allowed and served on campus?"
How do meeting rooms get assigned? 1440's goal is to optimize the number of visitors to campus to expose as many individuals to the opportunity to learn as possible. Therefore, classrooms are assigned according to the final number of participants in each class and the requirements outlined by the faculty regarding equipment and supplies needed for each classroom. Some of our classrooms are also equipped with recording and streaming capability so please be sure to outline your requirements to be assigned to the indoor or outdoor classroom that is best suited to meet your needs.
Why is 1440 a nonprofit? 1440 Multiversity is a 501(c)(3) learning destination that supports 1440 Foundation—the grant-making arm of 1440 Multiversity committed to building collaborative communities leading generative lives. All proceeds collected by 1440 are reinvested back into the mission work. 1440 also has a scholarship program to aid those who are underserved. As a private campus, we believe the mission work we are doing is best served by not operating our campus as a for-profit hotel or retreat center.
Do you partner with travel agencies, meeting planners, and other commission-based business models? As a nonprofit organization, 1440 may only serve those who are on campus to learn. We do not engage in any commission-based business referrals as doing so puts our nonprofit status in jeopardy. 1440 is always willing to welcome those who wish to assist in our mission; however, we do not engage in business transactions structured via a commission-based payment model.
Can you help me plan content for my private event? Yes. 1440 specializes in helping a group or organization build a content-rich curriculum with elements of social consciousness, mindfulness, integrated health, authentic leadership, and more. Please contact our group team for more information at +1-888-727-1440.
Does 1440 have their own content for my private group? Yes. 1440 offers an authentic leadership course called True North Leadership which may be customized for your group or organization. This course is pre-planned, contains all the curriculum, and is easy to coordinate for any group or organization that wishes to build a culture of authentic leadership. For more information, contact our Leadership Center at +1-888-727-1440.
Do my local attendees have the option to drive in during my program instead of spending the night? 1440 learning experience packages are immersive, which means they include overnight accommodations. There is flexibility for some of your attendees to commute to and from your program; however, they must still be registered as "Day Delegates." Day Delegates are provided with a slightly discounted package price; however, there is no option to do so by meal period. All such designated attendees must attend your full program, pay for all meals, and be included in the learning experiences without overnight accommodations.
How do I get my private event listed on the website? 1440 does not promote private learning events that are not available to the public to attend or register for. We focus our website and marketing efforts to faculty workshops and conferences that promote our mission work. Please contact your private event manager if you have any questions. While 1440 does not publish or list private events on our public website, private landing pages may be created for your event (for a fee) provided we are given the appropriate amount of time to consult and complete the work. Groups or private events that contract for overnight accommodations will be provided with a private link that can be accessed from the "Book Now" button on the website for a more seamless reservation process. In such cases, a group attendee would enter an exclusive code created for the group by 1440 which will take them to a booking page specific to your group. This private code will be available and active up to 30 days prior to your group arrival before being deactivated.