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Heart Centered Practice Nov 2019

Heart Centered Practice

A Self-Reflective Healing Journey of Yoga and Meditation
November 22 - 24, 2019 Weekend (2 day)

All-inclusive program package to include:

  • Tuition
  • Three Meals in Kitchen Table (daily)
  • Shared or Private Accommodations
  • Signature classes and wellness offerings
Please Note: All packages are priced per person. Should you elect a shared accommodation and community hall bath, 1440 will randomly pair you with a gender-specific roommate. Only private rooms have the option of a private bath. 1440 Multiversity is a smoke-free campus.

Program Description

Join master wellness coach and yoga instructor James Higgins for an immersive weekend of yoga and meditation practice designed to refine your connection to body, mind, heart, and soul.

Make further contact with your spiritual truth through skilled asana instruction, guided meditation, pranayama, and yoga nidra. Let visualization, sound, voice, psychological inspiration, and restorative rest set you free.

This enriching weekend will assist you in connecting with your higher potential and finding a deepened sense of peace, connection, and purpose. Together, you will:

  • Engage in a powerful reset and mini-retreat in the midst of everyday life
  • Deepen the authentic connection to your sacred self and experience more wholeness
  • Soften and develop skills of intuition through presence, care, and kindness
  • Release hidden tension causing physical limitation, stress, repressed feelings, trauma, fatigue, anxiety, or depression
  • Practice asana sequences designed to explore the thresholds of your ability to focus, engage, release, and let go
  • Develop the ability to listen more to the calling of your heart and soul.

Meditative rest provides space to gain further clarity and compassion. Slow down with this insightful and deeply experiential weekend. You'll not only gain greater technical proficiency in asana structures and a more developed meditation practice—you'll also connect with your heart's calling, experience true wholeness, and find a heightened sense of peace, understanding, connection, and purpose.

Gain inner and outer strength to face all that arises on the life path.

Presented by

  • James HigginsAbout James Higgins |Life coach, yoga and meditation instructor
    James Higgins has more than 20 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation and more than 25 years of practice. He travels throughout Europe offering a unique, appealing, and informed style of meditative hatha vinyasa yoga practice grounded in spiritual care. With a strong emphasis on the integration of physical, mental, and emotional wellness, each of his classes holds the intention for peaceful healing and conscious evolution.

Why Attend

    Clear any resistance and unconscious blocks holding you back or limiting you in any way from connecting to your purpose and essential calling.

    Soften further into love, care, friendliness, and kindness as the foundations of your spiritual and psychological work.

    Align yourself with your inner power by establishing an authentic connection to your unique, personal source of health, inspiration, and wholeness.

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Wear comfortable clothes to practice in.
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