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Anne Bright, MFA Director of the Proprioceptive Writing Center, Southeast

Anne Bright is director of the Proprioceptive Writing Center, Southeast, and has brought Proprioceptive Writing® (PW) to hundreds of students over the past 20 years.

A faculty member of the PW Center in Oakland, California, Anne works closely with PW's founders, Linda Metcalf and Tobin Simon. She teaches this simple method as a path to self-expression, creativity, and emotional health and a means to gain insight into and power over how we live and think—leading to a renewed sense of well-being and confidence.

Anne has brought her training in the study of literature, writing, storytelling, and theological reflection into her extensive study of PW, which she shares through her center, in schools and universities, and through centers for art, mindfulness, and spirituality.

As well as teaching PW, Anne has written fiction and essays for newspapers and magazines and has performed as a storyteller for both children and adults.

Current Program

Personal Growth
Writing the Mind Alive
February 23 - 28, 2020
In this powerful 5-day workshop with Linda Trichter Metcalf, author and creator of Proprioceptive Writing® (PW), and PW teacher Anne Bright, you will enter a world where you come to know yourself differently than you did before. As you write, you will open the gate to a new realm of self-discovery. If you feel cut off from creative expression, or if you have trouble knowing and expressing how you really feel, PW can help you hear and share your authentic voice. 

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