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Ed Levinson , Red Dragon™ Yoga instructor

Ed Levinson first explored yoga in 2005 as a complement to his passion for competitive cycling. The practice changed his life in ways he never imagined. While his initial attraction to yoga was to loosen up the tightness in his body from 20 years of cycling, he soon noticed his body transforming in magnificent ways.

Yoga catapulted Ed's athletic abilities to new levels, but he also discovered he was more focused at work, his sleep quality improved, his productivity increased, and he had a calmer state of mind. To his delight, he discovered that underneath many layers of dramas and stories he had carried about the past and future, he possessed a source of contentment within.

Now Ed teaches yoga for all levels at Red Dragon Yoga in Marin County. By combining disciplines from Ashtanga Yoga, vinyasa, and Baptiste Power Yoga, Ed's classes range from gentle flowing poses that restore and renew, to vigorous and heat-building styles that grow strength and flexibility. He emphasizes linking breath to movement and rocks his classes with an impeccably timed and fabulous playlist.

Ed's mission is to hold space for students to explore the transformational powers of yoga, integrating a sense of balance and calm that imparts strength and confidence.

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