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Mindful Living Collective
Mindful Living Collective
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About this webinar

The goal is simple:

To offer mindful learning, meaningful connection and support to help you move from surviving to thriving… especially amidst the most challenging times of life. Click here for more information about
The Mindful Living Collective The Mindful Living Collective
NEW COVID RELIEF OFFER Right now we are making this space a FREE RESOURCE to the public due to the Challenging Winter of Coronavirus ahead and the related increased need for human connection, social and emotional support and desire to grow.
In here you will find:
  1. A Free Mindful Learning Library to built cooperatively with Elisha many renown experts, as well as, the personal recommendations from our Collective tribe on topics like Meditation, Anxiety Relief, Better Sleep, Improving Relationships, Self-Love, Parenting, Mindful Aging and more. All to help build your practice, lessen stress & anxiety and feel more positive energy in your life.
  2. Weekly Live Interactive Events, Talks and Meditations with Elisha and other teachers around topics relevant to building the strengths we need.
  3. Opportunities to Go Deeper with structured Courses and Affinity Learning Groups and Facilitated Meaningful Conversations to allows us to better integrate the life lessons (and support) we all need.

About the speaker

Mindful Living Collective

"In support for all of us who are suffering during this COVID Winter, we are offering all our resources here at the Collective for Free.

Moreover, we have partnered with other leading teachers, facilitators and organizations to donate their content and time to support all those in need.

Join with us as we grow together toward a brighter future!"
- Dr. Elisha Goldstein, MLC Founder

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