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1440 Multiversity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit learning destination in the California Redwoods where energy, discovery and creativity flourish

Reconnect With Yourself & Others

Live, Lead, Love, Work and Wonder while creating hope for living well
Leadership Center ProgramsLeadership Center Programs

Leadership Center Programs

Groups & Private EventsGroups & Private Events

Groups & Private Events

Fulfilling Career OpportunitiesFulfilling Career Opportunities

Fulfilling Career Opportunities

Philanthropic ProgramsPhilanthropic Programs

Philanthropic Programs

Community EventsCommunity Events

Community Events

1440 Case Study1440 Case Study

Case Study

Our Purpose

1440 Multiversity aligns with organizations, thought leaders, foundations and individuals who have a similar commitment to the greater good of humanity. We curate experiences for those seeking to make a difference in the world.
About 1440
About 1440

There Are 1,440 Precious Minutes in Each Day

"Multi" represents the many doors and avenues one can enter or exit on their individual journey. "Versity" refers to the social, emotional and relational aspects of learning that we can use to shape our desires and build more collaborative and connected communities while creating hope for living well.

1440 Insights

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