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10 Useful Quotes About Leadership

10 Jan, 2020 | Posted by 1440 Multiversity

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True North Leadership

Leadership is about building trusted relationships. It might seem easy but it requires authenticity, presence, and the ability to really listen and connect to ourselves and with one another. That's why we've put together the top ten most useful quotes from leadership experts teaching at 1440 this year.


1. "In order for people in organizations to thrive, managers have an obligation to do their self-work and assist others to do the same which very often takes the form of coaching and mentoring their people." - Michelle Maldonado


2. "Nothing interesting or innovative has ever really happened in groups without the heat of passion, disagreement, fear or confusion." – Larry Dressler


3. "Only when leaders accept who they are and release the need to be on someone else's fast track can they be comfortable in their own skin."- Bill George 


4. "The first step of appreciation is awareness: simply paying attention." - Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Warner Klemp 


5. "That need to show up in a relationship in a courageous, authentic, vulnerable, real way is the same requirement whether you're talking to an employee, or to a spouse, or to your friend, or to your child, or to yourself." – Scott Kriens 


6.  "It's not one plus one equals two, it's a multiplier effect I get better my partner gets better, those around us and our strategy all gets better."  – Dan Mulhern  


7. "Leader's life stories are more powerful than any set of characteristics or leadership skills they possess." - Bill George 


8. "In a room filled with closed hearts, one compassionate heart is enough." – Larry Dressler  

9. "Authentic leaders are fully present in the midst of conflict, confusion, and strong emotion and support those who are struggling."  – Gayle Ober   


10. "To build a high performing team you have to engage the whole person in the mission" – Scott Kriens  



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Larry Dressler and Gayle Ober teach Critical Conversations for the Authentic Leader, May 27-29, 2020


Bill George, Scott Kriens, Michelle Maldonado, and Dana Born teach True North Leadership October 11 –16, 2020. 


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