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How to Find Your Calling: 7 Ways to Shift from Thinking to Practice

How do you discover your calling? How do you live the life you most desire? And what’s keeping you from everything you’re meant to be?

1440 Faculty Focus: Getting to Know Julia Cameron

Julia will be teaching "The Artist's Way" at 1440 Multiversity, July 14-16. Julia Cameron is a prolific artist of more than three decades.  She has 35 published

5 Brilliant Books on Forging Lasting, Loving Relationships

There’s a lovely black-and-white photograph that makes the rounds on social media every so often. In it, an elderly woman lies in a

3 Ways to Shift from Blame to Love

Evolution has rigged all of us with a negativity bias—a survival-driven habit to scan for what’s wrong and to fixate on it. In

6 Smart Tips for Awesome Family Summer Vacations

It's time to start building fantastic summer memories for you and your kids! Here are six things to consider when crafting your next family vacation.

You Are Creative Even If You Think You’re Not

Maybe you were told you aren’t creative. Maybe you listened way back when and started to agree. You gave up and figured the

Brilliant Books to Help You Live and Love Your Life

Although movie theater screens outnumber bookstores in the US (40,759 screens to 24,611 stores in 2016), many of us name bookstores and libraries

How to Keep Your Mind in a Fast-Moving World

It starts from the moment you open your phone each

The Magic of Human Connection

When you look across a sea of women in pink hats carrying handmade signs, you can’t help but wonder,

5 Simple Steps to Boost Your Life

You hear it all the time: "New year, new you." Drawn by the power of the calendar, we see the start of each