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About This Learning Event

The 1440 Multiversity flagship program, True North Leadership, will take place on October 30-November 4, 2022 across five days of impactful and tranformative work. This program enables you to discover your trusted inner compass, your True North. It may be the most valuable tool any leader can possess. All it takes to find your True North is a few days in the redwoods.

True North Leadership is designed to help you become an authentic leader. But it also demands something from you: The openness to mine your life story for insights, uncover your unique gifts and clarify your values, from there you'll discover your True North. The program can reveal some surprising truths — and that can be challenging. But don't worry. Our carefully-curated faculty and teaching fellows will guide you through your journey and share what they've learned with you.

You will learn to:
  • Lead with integrity and heart through difficult difficult times
  • Understand how your life story and crucibles impact your leadership style
  • Be more present, vulnerable and compassionate with yourself and others
  • Increase innovation, productivity and well-being using mindful leadership practices
  • Energize and unite others around a shared a mission and values
  • Live your leadership purpose and help others live theirs
  • Stay grounded by integrating all aspects of your life

Learn more and apply for True North Leadership here. This program is by application only; upon acceptance you will receive a link to book.