Jennifer Kries

Wellness and fitness expert, author, and speaker



Jennifer Kreis, wellness and fitness expert, author, and speaker, is an internationally renowned mind-body-spirit innovator.

A Pilates pioneer, she is credited with being the first to bring Pilates and the Pilates Method—the groundbreaking synthesis of Pilates, yoga, and dance—to a mass audience. Her award-winning videos, DVDs, and featured appearances on FitTV have revolutionized the fitness community.

Jennifer is contributor to several online publications, such as Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen, and author of Waking Energy: The User’s Guide to the Ageless, Joyful, Energized You! One of the world’s preeminent second-generation classically trained Pilates teachers, Jennifer also has studied with qigong masters and an array of yoga luminaries, including Alan Finger, Kofi Busia, and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

She is an acclaimed instructor at renowned institutions worldwide, including Kripalu, Omega Institute, and Canyon Ranch and has appeared on several television shows as well as in numerous magazines, including Vogue, Yoga Journal, and the cover of American Fitness.

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