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Clinical psychologist, author, and consultant


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Personal Development - Mindfulness

Transforming Trauma with EMDR (Parts 1 and 2)

Laurel Parnell

June 23 - 30, 2017


Laurel Parnell is a leading expert on the trauma therapy Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and developer of Attachment-Focused EMDR (AF-EMDR) and Resource Tapping ™.

Founder and executive director of the Parnell Institute and an EMDR pioneer with expertise in transpersonal psychology, Dr. Parnell has immersed herself in the practice and development of EMDR since 1991. Dr. Parnell uses a holistic approach to healing trauma, informed by research in contemporary neuroscience, that integrates body, mind, and spirit.

She is author of five books on EMDR, as well as several articles and a book chapter. Considered a master clinician, she has produced several DVDs and is one of the most respected instructors of EMDR trainings and workshops. She has taught at universities and now teaches workshops internationally based on her latest book, Attachment-Focused EMDR: Healing Relational Trauma.

She also has a lifelong interest in humanitarian work that is now focused on bringing EMDR and related techniques to underserved populations worldwide.

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