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Founder of Center for Self Leadership

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Personal Development - Relationships

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Richard Schwartz

September 17 - 22, 2017


Richard Schwartz is founding developer of Internal Family Systems (IFS)SM, a therapeutic model that synthesizes systems thinking and the multiplicity of the mind, suggesting alternative ways of understanding psychic functioning and healing.

In 2000, he founded the Center for Self Leadership in Oak Park, Illinois, which offers three levels of training and workshops in IFS for professionals and the general public.

Dr. Schwartz coauthored, with Michael Nichols, Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods, the most widely used family therapy text in the United States, and was associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago Institute for Juvenile Research and later at the Family Institute at Northwestern University.

A featured speaker for national professional organizations, Dr. Schwartz serves on editorial boards of four professional journals and has published five books, including You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For, as well as more than 50 articles about IFS.

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