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Please Note: All packages are priced per person. Should you elect a shared accommodation and community hall bath, 1440 will randomly pair you with a gender-specific roommate. Only private rooms have the option of a private bath. 1440 Multiversity is a smoke-free campus.

Program Description

Crucial to our shared humanity and the future of society, a long overdue public conversation about race has finally entered the mainstream. Join Melissa DePino and Michelle Saahene, cofounders of From Privilege to Progress, and a host of celebrated racial justice advocates and influencers in a deep and honest conversation about translating your heart's intentions mindfully into word and action on the path to becoming anti-racist.

With continuing headlines covering events such as the violence in Charlottesville; the black men arrested for sitting in Starbucks; and tragic encounters with law enforcement for innocent people of color, many people with privilege are increasingly aware that we have much further to go when it comes to racial equality (equity is the way we get there, equality is the goal) in the United States.

At this powerful summit of thought leaders, you will explore together how:

  • Racial identity impacts individual lives and society structures, and identify typically unacknowledged biases
  • Moving beyond unconscious and habitual thinking illuminates new ideas and expands your existing knowledge
  • Differentiating between intent and impact allows for more authentic living
  • Vulnerability leads to courage in all life roles: at home, work, and in the world
  • As a social justice advocate you can use privilege for your own and everyone's benefit.

We are all interconnected; when one human suffers, all of us do. Change and healing only arise when regular individuals take responsibility for societal change, with a clear understanding of their power and how to harness it.

This multiracial coalition has chosen to leave shame and guilt behind to help everyone use the privilege they have for the benefit of all. With an open heart and mind, we will focus on the parts of our identities essential for both personal transformation and broad societal change.

The future we all need, one of equity, inclusion, and justice, requires our active participation in:

  • Anti-racism
  • Recognizing important historic truths unacknowledged in traditional education
  • Speaking up in our everyday lives
  • Desegregating our deeply divided social networks.

Together, through awareness, education, self-inquiry, and action, discover and activate the power within you for positive personal transformation and broad societal evolution.

Presented by

  • From Privilege to ProgressAbout From Privilege to Progress |Cofounders Melissa DePino and Michelle Saahene
    Melissa DePino and Michelle Saahene cofounded From Privilege to Progress (P2P)—a national movement to desegregate the public conversation about race—after their viral video of two black men being unjustly arrested at a Starbucks captured international attention. Their work at P2P has been featured on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk, Radio Times, NPR's Code Switch, Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien, MSNBC's AM Joy, and in numerous television, print, and online outlets. Melissa and Michelle continue the conversation they started that day through social media campaigns and speaking engagements that create awareness and inspire action.
  • Cheryl Strayed is author of the #1 New York Times best-selling memoir Wild, the New York Times best sellers Tiny Beautiful Things and Brave Enough, and the novel Torch.
  • DeRay MckessonAbout DeRay Mckesson |Author, activist, organizer, and educator
    DeRay Mckesson is an acclaimed civil rights activist, educator, public speaker, host of the award-winning podcast Pod Save the People, cofounder of Campaign Zero, and author of On the Other Side of Freedom.
  • Susan BroAbout Susan Bro |President, chairman, and cofounder of Heather Heyer Foundation
    Susan Bro is a public speaker and the president, chairman, and cofounder of the Heather Heyer Foundation, honoring her daughter by funding the education of the next generation of social change activists.
  • Roda Ahmed, a Norwegian author and columnist whose best-selling books include Forberedelsen (The Preparation) and Mae Among the Stars, most recently published Good Night, Wiggly Toes.
  • Reyna Grande is the award-winning author of multiple titles including The Distance Between Us and A Dream Called Home. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post.
  • John BiewanAbout John Biewan |Producer of Scene on Radio
    John Biewen is the producer of the Peabody-nominated podcast Scene on Radio and is audio program director at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies. He's been featured on NPR, This American Life, and the BBC.
  • Chenjerai KumanyikaAbout Chenjerai Kumanyika PhD|Journalist, activist, audio producer, and Rutgers University professor
    Chenjerai Kumanyika is a journalist, activist, researcher, and cohost of NPR's Peabody winning Uncivil. His work has appeared on Code Switch, All Things Considered, Invisibilia, The Moth, VICE, Scene on Radio, and Rising Up with Sonali.
  • André Robert LeeAbout André Robert Lee |Filmmaker, educator, writer, and speaker
    André Robert Lee is an equity and inclusion focused filmmaker and educator whose works include The Prep School Negro, Life Cycles of Inequity, The Election Effect, and the upcoming Virtually Free.
  • Catherine Wigginton GreeneAbout Catherine Wigginton Greene |Writer, documentary filmmaker, and anti-racist educator
    Catherine Wigginton Greene is a writer, documentary filmmaker, anti-racist educator, and executive director of content and engagement for Point Made Learning. Her most recent film is I'm Not Racist…Am I?

Why Attend

    Deepen your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues of different races while also contributing to societal transformation by moving decisively from "not racist" to "anti-racist."

    Discover how vulnerability in conversation leads to courage, both in regard to racial identity and life as a whole.

    Learn to recognize patterns and drivers of both personal and institutionalized racism, and how you can identify real moments to directly participate in healing and building equity.

    Transform guilt and shame about privilege into opportunities for personal development and social change with effective skills and tools for growth and progress.

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