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All-inclusive program package to include:

  • Tuition
  • Three Meals in Kitchen Table (daily)
  • Shared or Private Accommodations
  • Signature classes and wellness offerings
Please Note: All packages are priced per person. Should you elect a shared accommodation and community hall bath, 1440 will randomly pair you with a gender-specific roommate. Only private rooms have the option of a private bath. 1440 Multiversity is a smoke-free campus.

Program Description

What if our elder years are destined to be the most vital of all? What if our powers actually increase rather than diminish with age? Our later years are not only a culmination of a well-lived life, but also an important time for the development and expression of our wisdom, soul powers, and love.

Join spiritual teacher Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian for an exploration of yoga philosophy and practice that supports a radiant vitality into life's later years. Discover how ancient Vedic tradition can help you age with enhanced vigor by understanding and preparing for the natural stages of life.

Guided by Ellen's decades of teaching wisdom, you'll learn:

  • A spiritual model to inspire your life's journey
  • How to identify and avoid potential negative traps that can pull you down when it's time to soar
  • How to transform obstacles in order to support your ultimate freedom
  • Essential self-care practices for enhanced energy.

In the Vedic system, becoming an elder corresponds with a transition from family and career responsibilities toward a focus on spiritual development. As spiritual realizations take on new significance, embody your rightful power and receive the precious gifts of grace that aging has to offer.

Presented by

  • Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian is a meditation teacher, poet, writer, and the spiritual director of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment—a Kriya Yoga meditation center with headquarters in San Jose, California. She has taught Kriya Yoga nationally and internationally for more than three decades and has received several community service awards, including the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Promotion of Religious Pluralism from the Hindu American Foundation.

Why Attend

    Aging can feel mysterious, scary, and lonely. Gain the support you need to navigate your elderhood with grace and warmth.

    Transform your perspective on aging with ancient Vedic teachings that enable a healthy, vibrant, and purposeful way of living as you grow older.

    A yogacharya in the Kriya Yoga tradition, Ellen is renowned for her message of "engaged enlightenment"—a perspective of awakened, creatively inspired living.

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