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Alessandro Moruzzi, Musician, holistic healer, certified 5Rhythms® teacher

Born and raised in Italy, Alessandro Moruzzi is a modern-day Renaissance man: a musician, singer, designer, and certified holistic health coach. Alessandro is cofounder of The City Waves™ in San Francisco and a certified 5Rhythms Teacher, accredited by 5RTA (5Rhythms Teachers Association) to teach both Waves and Heartbeat. He is also an Esalen Massage® therapist certified by World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts.

Alessandro crossed paths with 5Rhythms after many years of living and traveling around the world—exploring, searching, and seeking, inside and out. This practice has revealed and supported his purpose in life: balancing mind, body, and spirit.

Enriched by his music, theater, performance, and shamanism background, Alessandro shares this powerful medicine with everyone he crosses paths with. He teaches in San Francisco and around the world, crafting heartfelt, playful, grounded, and healing journeys through the Waves and Heartbeat Maps, offering a safe and transformational space for all, full of sacred humor.

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