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Erin Campbell, MD, MPH Assistant professor at University of Rochester, board-certified preventive medicine physician

Erin Campbell is an assistant professor of Clinical Public Health Sciences at University of Rochester and a board-certified preventive medicine physician. She is research director at the Weight Management and Lifestyle Center at Highland Hospital, University of Rochester, where she studies the role of plant-based nutrition as a therapy in various diseases and co-teaches a medically supervised 12-week plant-based nutrition program for patients.

Dr. Campbell attended medical school at the University at Buffalo, interning in pediatrics at the University of Rochester, and completing her general preventive medicine residency and chief residency at the University at Buffalo. Her master's degree in public health focused on community health and health behaviors. During her residency training, Erin was involved in teaching, evaluating, and presenting the results of a nutrition and health initiative for medical students and public health students at University at Buffalo. Her noncredit classes used a multidisciplinary approach to teach clinically relevant nutrition.

Dr. Campbell and her partner Dr. Thomas M. Campbell II are conducting one of the first clinical trials ever done of comprehensive dietary change in advanced breast cancer patients, among other promising research projects.

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