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Krista Holland, RYT 500 Sacred drum teacher, researcher, and historian

Krista Holland is a leading expert, teacher, independent researcher, and historian of the sacred drum as well as an instructor of full-spectrum hatha yoga.

As a young adult, Krista began studying rhythms, world drumming, and percussion with master drummers in private, workshop, and academic settings. In 1995, she began studying with her mentor and teacher Layne Redmond, celebrated author of When the Drummers Were Women. Krista apprenticed with Layne who offered her prolific teachings on frame drum practice, history, ritual, myth, and ancient feminine drum lineage, until Layne's passing in 2014.

With her mentor's encouragement and blessing, Krista began publicly teaching in 2007, sharing her varied knowledge and skill set of frame drumming along with the incredible ancient history and mythology of the sacred drum.

Krista is known for her innovative and avant-garde playing style and her powerfully transformative teaching of sacred drumming, sound healing, and yoga. She presents classes, workshops, and retreats globally.

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Personal Growth
Sacred Drumming
July 3 - 5, 2020
The beat and vibration of the frame drum is employed worldwide for the essential health, connection, and well-being of people and community. Simple, powerful, and sacred, the drum yields profound sound healing. Join Krista Holland, drumming expert and historian, to learn basic hand techniques, an array of global styles and tonalities, and the mythology and modern science to inspire your practice. Whether a first-time drummer finding your unique rhythm, a longtime musician refining your skills, or a seeker wishing to lead ceremonial practice, gain the know-how to benefit your own well-being and the well-being of our entire society.

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