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Laurie Gerber, Head coach at Handel Group®

Passionate about personal development, Laurie Gerber has been coaching individuals and groups for over 15 years. As executive vice president and head coach at Handel Group, a renowned corporate consulting and life coaching company, Laurie teaches people to tell the truth and pursue their dreams. She coaches through live events, one-on-one sessions, online coaching courses, as a writer, on radio, and in frequent television appearances on MTV, A&E, the Dr. Phil show, and the Today show.

Her focus is on maximizing clients' ability to thrive across all areas of life: from health and love to career, money, and family.

In eight years, Laurie has built Handel Group from "nearly nonexistent" to a team of skilled coaches. She considers herself "an angel recruiter" because she is busy looking for other people who share her mission to instill more joy and peace in the world.

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