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Lisa Jakub, Writer, yoga teacher, and mental health advocate

Lisa Jakub is an author, Kripalu Center yoga teacher, and former actress who has more than 40 film and television credits to her name, including Mrs. Doubtfire, Independence Day, and George Lucas in Love. In search of a more authentic life, she retired from her 18-year acting career at the age of 22. She has since found happiness and purpose as a writer, teacher, and an advocate for mental health awareness.

Inspired by her journey through social anxiety, depression, and a panic disorder, Lisa leads writing and yoga workshops all over the country. She also teaches yoga classes for anxiety and post-traumatic stress. The author of the memoir, You Look Like That Girl: A Child Actor Stops Pretending and Finally Grows Up, Lisa has appeared on the Today show, HuffPost Live, MSNBC, CNN, BBC, and CBC. Her latest book, Not Just Me: Anxiety, Depression, and Learning to Embrace Your Weird, is a hopeful, entertaining, and enlightening look at the root causes of anxiety, the latest research on mood disorders, and ideas for how we can all live authentically with more peace, power, and purpose.

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