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Whitney Hull-Benson, Certified Wholistic Nutritionist

Whitney Hull-Benson is a certified wholistic nutritionist and an advocate for radical food and body empowerment. She blends her knowledge of intuitive eating, health at every size, and traditional Chinese medicine to create a gentle yet powerful experience—one that allows clients to put their relationship with food front and center.

Whitney is particularly focused on the intersection of food as medicine and diet culture, a place she personally found to be her tipping point into years of her own disordered eating. She is now fiercely committed to helping others release their diet mentality, find harmony, and become aligned with their body's intuition.

By using a wholistic (focusing on one's whole being), weight-inclusive, anti-diet approach, she helps her clients build a positive emotional relationship with food while incorporating lifestyle and nutritional changes for whole body health. Bringing joy and mindfulness back to the table and back to the act of eating is her driving force. She is often asked for "the secret" to eating well—she subscribes to only two food rules: break bread with those you love and chew!

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