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  • Frequently Asked Questions in 1440 Multiversity
What are Signature Classes? Signature classes are taught to all campus guests at least three times a day to enhance mindfulness and introduce elements that make us all conscious about leading a more integrated and conscious lifestyle.
What times are the Signature Classes offered? The classes do vary by time; however, there is always an early morning class (usually offered at 7:00 am), an afternoon class (usually offered at 1:00 pm), and an early evening class (usually offered at 5:00 pm). Additional classes are added when occupancy rises and/or based on student program schedules.
What types of Signature Classes are offered and where can I find a listing? Classes vary by type but are typically centered around basic movement, health, nutrition, meditation, yoga, creative expression, art, and exercise. To explore the full list of classes offered, including descriptions, visit Check at the Lodge each morning for the most current list of daily classes scheduled each day.
When do you determine the schedule of signature classes? The final class schedule in terms of time and location is determined on Thursdays for the upcoming weekend and the following week based on expected guests and program schedules.
Do I have to register for signature classes in advance and how many people can attend a class at once? Signature classes are available to registered guests of 1440 only on a first come basis with a typical class size of up to 40 guests. There is no need to register in advance; however, you must check in with the instructor upon arrival to verify that you are a registered guest.
Is there a charge for signature classes? 1440 offers a regular schedule of signature classes to all guests at no charge with two exceptions being (i) private classes for small and large groups and (ii) cooking demonstrations where food will be prepared and served. In such cases, you may have the opportunity to preregister if class sizes are limited and/or will be advised of the cost in advance.
How long are signature classes and how physical are they? Most signature classes are typically 45 - 60 minutes; however, outdoor classes can last a little longer. Class times are posted at the Lodge each morning and you can also register for the 1440 texting tool to receive updates on class schedules and locations by +1-888-727-1440. Most classes cater to all levels of physical fitness and you are encouraged to participate only to the comforts of your limits and capabilities. Please note that all nature walks do require maneuvering up and down hilly terrain at steep levels at certain points along the trials.
Can I book a private class for myself or my group? Yes, private instruction for any of our classes is available if booked in advance. You may also request a specific teacher, however, the daily availability of each may vary. Charges for such classes typically begin at 250.00 per class and go up from there with final costs determined by the equipment, supplies, and space requirements based on the total number of people expected. For more information regarding a private class for you or your group please contact our group sales team.
What is the appropriate attire to attend a class? Most classes welcome guests in attire that they feel most comfortable in. We recommend clothing that affords you freedom of movement to stretch, bend and posture yourself. Non-slip shoes are recommended, and some classes afford the opportunity to remove your footwear. While most classes are indoors, there are some classes offered outdoors so be sure to dress appropriately. We also recommend that you bring your own refillable water bottle and a towel if you perspire easily. For yoga classes, we do provide mats and supplies, however, you may bring your own. Always wear your registration badge as you will be asked to retrieve it before being afforded access to the class.