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All Hands podcast
All Hands podcast
Speaker: Katelin Holloway

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About this podcast

A podcast by Lattice where your host - Katelin Holloway talks with CEOs and other c-level leaders about how being a "people first" company is a strategic advantage. Join us while we chat with these top leaders about how a "people first" approach isn't just good for people — it's good for business too.

About the speaker

Katelin Holloway
2020 - Current
People Executive turned VC, Katelin invests in and coaches founders looking to deliberately build a strong culture from day one. From the basics of recruiting and talent development to formally habilitating these functions in-house with their first head of people, Katelin supports Initialized's founders unlike any other venture capital firm.
As an investor, she is passionate about parental inclusion, family tech, people tech, and women's health, supporting the companies that will shape the future of work, life, and the delicate balance that enables us to thrive.
2016 - 2020
Former VP of People & Culture at Reddit, Katelin lead the HR, Recruiting, and Experience teams from 2016 to 2020, growing the company from 70 to nearly 700 employees internationally.
These teams are dedicated to cultivating a work environment that is characterized by community, empathy, openness, personal accountability, trust, and mutual respect. Together, we create solutions and frameworks that support and optimize the operating principles of Reddit, enabling us to realize our potential through our most valuable resource - our people.
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