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The Sheri + Nancy Show
Lead Well, Work Well, Wonder Well, Live Well, Love Well
The Sheri + Nancy Show
Speaker: Sheri Salata + Nancy Hala

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About this podcast

1440 Multiversity Online is proud to suggest "The Sheri + Nancy Show" with faculty members Sheri Salata & Nancy Hala.
Every week, the release a new podcast episode about igniting the 8 Pillars of a happy life.
Health + Wellness. Spirituality + Happiness. Romance + Sex. Friends + Family. Creativity + Innovation. Adventure + Discovery. Sanctuary + Beauty. Money + Abundance.
It's the singular, uplifting conversation we want to have with each other, inspiring thought leaders and our listeners.
Here's to The Pillar Life!

About the speaker

Sheri Salata + Nancy Hala

are life-long sister friends of 29 years, Chief Visionaries of The Pillar Life, and co-hosts of their popular podcast, The Sheri + Nancy Show.

Between them, they've had one of the most high-powered careers in television (Sheri); married, divorced and raised two children while working with Fortune 500 companies (Nancy).

Each took a different path that led to the same life-changing moment — a chardonnay-inspired dreamstorming session where they decided to join forces to elevate their lives and consciously create more happiness, success and abundance.

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