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Colette Baron-Reid, Oracle expert, spirit medium, and author

Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed oracle expert, spiritual medium, and best-selling author published in 27 languages. Using her sharp intuitive insights, compassionate candor, and hilarious personality, Colette delivers messages of hope and empowerment to cocreate with the universe.

As a spiritual medium, she is the star of the hit television series Messages from Spirit and hosts the popular Hay House radio show Ask the Oracle. Featured on talk shows across the nation, her guest appearances include The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Phil, Oprah & Friends radio, and the Today show.

Her best-selling oracle cards, derived from ancient spiritual traditions, were created to speak in a modern language for the contemporary spiritual seeker. Her latest deck, Goddess Power Oracle, was number-one in Amazon's new releases for tarot.

Colette is CEO and founder of Oracle School where students from all over the world learn to use oracle cards to directly dialogue with the universe while awakening their personal growth and empowerment.

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Personal Growth
Postcards from Heaven
November 1 - 3, 2019
We all want to know what essential truth lies in store for us in the great beyond. Transform your relationship to life with a new understanding of the spirit world with Colette Baron-Reid and Maureen Hancock, two of the most beloved and renowned spiritual mediums, as they open the veil between worlds and guide you step-by-step in easy communication with spirit. Build your intuitive muscles. Tune into the wisdom of the universe. Get real clarity about your life’s journey to unlock your unlimited potential. Live a joyful, prosperous, and purposeful life.

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