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About This Learning Event

Explore the impact that mindfulness and compassion can play in life, leadership and within your organization - even if your workplace is at home right now.

1440 Multiversity and Wisdom for Life are pleased to announce the Mindful Leadership Forum on Oct. 19-20, a free online event that teaches how to lead remotely by creating trust and connection; create mindful teams in the workplace, become a more authentic leader and colleague; the importance of diversity, inclusion and belonging; and much more. 

Join more than 20 luminary mindful leadership champions including Kristin Neff, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Bill George, along with leaders from LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, Teach For All, Stanford University, UCLA and many other organizations seeking to inspire and enrich the world. Discover the roles that mindful leadership play in creating happier, healthier and more productive workplaces while transforming society and creating hope for living well.