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About This Learning Event

Spend six days online with an incredible group of 38 wisdom-holders and transformational teachers during this free one-of-a-kind webinar event presented by Wisdom for Life and the Heart Mind Institute. SummitPalooza curates 36 of the most powerful sessions from some of the year's premier Summits and showcases them together for you in one special online gathering. 

On September 13-18, learn about mindfulness, compassion, healing trauma, building resilience, self-care and much more. You will:

  • Discover the latest tools to process traumatic memories and heal trauma with guidance from leading trauma experts
  • Learn how to build physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resilience during these challenging times
  • Clarify your life purpose and vision and create daily practices that will support you in reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams
  • Learn the keys to living a purposeful and deeply rewarding life with renowned teachers and world-class performance coaches
  • Deepen your spiritual journey and discover new sources of meaning, joy and flow

Join luminary faculty members including Sharon Salzberg, Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Jack Kornfield, Dr. Dan Siegel, Kristin Neff, Kelly McGonigal, Kute Blackson, Thomas Hübl, Rick Hanson, Richard Davidson, Ken Wilber, Rhonda Magee, Amishi Jha, Shelly Tygielski and many more as you learn how to transform the quality of your life and your relationships through mindfulness and compassion.

Register for free online by clicking the Book Now button.