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About This Learning Event

Join Milestone for this free online event in celebration of International Women's Day honoring the triumphs of extraordinary women and leaders from around the globe. Hear from an array of successful women as they share their journeys marked by perseverance, determination, and passion. Gain insight into the three key factors they've used to create phenomenal success in their lives along with literature and principles that have shaped their inspiring journeys.

Panels will be divided into three focused 45-minute segments:

Managing Yourself for Success
First step for every successful leader is managing yourself. Inspired by world renown books and best practices around Calm Clarity, Mindset, Grit, Unleshing Potential and Talent Code, this session will give participants simple steps to manage yourself for success. This Panel is moderated by Preethy Padmanabhan.

Managing Organizations
As we climb the management ladder, managing team organization effectively becomes super critical. In this panel, we will discuss how to build trust within team and create a culture which inspires peak performance, how to enable a team with diverse background to work together and focus on the right metrics to measure.

Curating Your Future
In this session, we will share what it takes to prepare and to curate a beautiful future plus ow to stay relevant and give back in most meaningful way. This will include key learning from books such as Wisdom at Work, Blitzscaling, Learning to Love Midlife, Zero to One, and Good to Great.

Keynote Speakers Include
  • Benu Aggarwal: Founder & President of Milestone
  • Kirthiga Reddy: Co-founder & CEO Virtualness
  • Divya Raghavan: Early Stage VC and NGP Capital
  • Preethy Padmanabhan: Senior Director, Platform & AI Marketing at Freshworks
  • Due Quach: Author, CEO & Founder at Calmn Clarity

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