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The Best Year of Your Life Summit

About This Learning Event

Make a fresh start in 2022 with The Best Year of Your Life Summit, a free online event on January 12-21. Join our partners Wisdom for Life and more than 45 luminary faculty members including renowned authors, scientists, habit change specialists, mindset, performance and success coaches, and experts in relationships, finance, health & wellness as you clarify your vision and life purpose. Learn and implement powerful, practical tools to clarify your life vision, follow through on your goals and commitments, improve your relationships and well-being, and make 2022 the best year of your life.

The Best Year of Your Life Summit invites you to:
  • Transform the quality of your relationships, and live in more harmony with those around you
  • Use the latest science to create new habits, and end habits that are getting in your way
  • Optimize the physical, mental, and emotional fitness you need to live with more vitality and flow
  • Cultivate the resilience and courage you need to challenge yourself and follow through on your goals
  • Deepen your spiritual journey for more meaning and joy; and 
  • Design the life you want, and create daily practices that will support you in reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams

Sessions will be led by luminary faculty members including Kute Blackson, Sharon Salzberg, Michael Beckwith, Kristen Neff, Dan Siegel, Jack Kornfield, and many more. Sessions are available on-demand for 48 hours.