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  • Am I allowed to smoke on campus?

    Am I allowed to smoke on campus?

    1440 Multiversity imposes a strict non-smoking, non-vaping, tobacco-free and cannabis-free policy throughout the campus. 1440 complies with California's Statewide Smoke-Free Air Law, long leading the way in adopting strong and innovative smoke-free air laws that protect people from secondhand smoke exposure. In keeping with the vision of creating hope for living well, 1440 Multiversity recognizes its obligation to create a healthy environment for all; therefore, the implementation of a no tobacco/vaping/cannabis and smoke-free campus policy for visitors and team members allows everyone to pursue their work and educational goals. The policy includes the prohibition of smoking cigarettes, vaping pens, pipes, cigars and other tobacco products as well as any other substance. The use of cannabis (including edibles) and smokeless tobacco products (i.e., chewing tobacco, snuff, etc.) and the use of electronic smoking devices (e.g., vape pens and e-cigarettes) are also prohibited. To mitigate the risk of fire or any related damage caused by fire, no open flame is allowed anywhere on campus, including in vehicles and parking areas. Guests who wish to smoke or vape should do so off campus. Am I allowed to smoke on campus?