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  • What kind of food does Kitchen Table serve?

    What kind of food does Kitchen Table serve?

    The menu offerings at 1440 Multiversity were established with the notion that nutrition is a critical component for physical and emotional health and healing - with that in mind, the 1440 Multiversity culinary team operates mindfully and with a "Food As Medicine" approach, sourcing its ingredients exclusively from local growers. 1440 Multiversity uses a plant-based approach in its culinary offerings with the intention that every guest will enjoy a similar meal regardless of individual eating habits. Some other important dining facts include:

    • All meals at 1440 are mindfully prepared using whole organic ingredients and hand-plated with care by the chefs in Kitchen Table, a communal dining space that fosters social interaction and engagement in conversations that matter.
    • These meals are based on nutrient-dense whole foods as opposed to pre-packed and processed items; this "Food As Medicine" approach increases your metabolism leaving you feeling satisfied, energized and focused, not tired and bloated as is the case with many processed foods.
    • 1440 sources local and organic produce, rice and grains and offers gluten-free alternatives at every meal.
    • When bread is served, loaves are typically baked using grains milled on campus.
    • 1440 has established deep roots in the community and partners with 20-30 local farms - often procuring produce from growers and ranchers at farmers markets to supplement the produce, herbs and flowers grown on the 1440 campus in Joanie's Garden.
    • All other ingredients, such as the sustainable healthy animal proteins that 1440 procures - within a 300-mile radius of campus including fish from Monterey Bay - are raised in their natural environments that produce more nutrient-rich and less inflammatory foods than animals raised using modern industrialized animal production.
    • Many restaurants and commercial kitchens procure their ingredients from national distributors; at 1440 Multiversity, the culinary team and campus guests served take comfort in both seeing and knowing where ingredients originate from so every meal supports local farmers and producers.
    • These home-based partnerships allow 1440 access to freshest seasonal ingredients while supporting, enhancing and strengthening the supply chain across the County of Santa Cruz which contributes to the local economic health of our community.
    What kind of food does Kitchen Table serve?