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  • Frequently Asked Questions in 1440 Multiversity
Can I bring my pet or service animal to 1440?
  • 1440 follows California law which allows persons with disabilities to bring trained service dogs and psychiatric service dogs to campus. The protections discussed previously do not apply to emotional support animals. California law, like federal law, doesn't require that emotional support animals or family pets be allowed in public places.
  • Individuals who have service animals are not exempt from and must comply with local city animal control and public health requirements, so please be sure your service animal meets all vaccination requirements and is properly registered and licensed.
  • In California, an assistive animal means a trained animal that is necessary as a reasonable accommodation for a person with a disability and includes guide dogs, signal dogs, service dogs, and psychiatric service dogs. Only a dog that is trained to recognize and respond to an individual's disability-related need for assistance can be considered a service dog.
  • California law allows business owners to require that an assistive animal be (i) free from offensive odors and displays appropriate habits (for example, is potty-trained) and (ii) does not engage in behavior that endangers the health or safety of the individual with a disability or others around them.
  • Since the ADA does not require service animals to wear a vest, ID tag, or specific harness, it may not be obvious to the 1440 staff that your dog is a service animal. In such cases, we have the legal right to ask you the following two specific questions in support of your well-being:
    • Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
    • What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?
  • As the handler, you are required to be in control of your service animal at all times and are responsible for caring for and supervising the service animal, which includes toileting, feeding, and grooming and veterinary care. 1440 is not obligated to supervise or otherwise care for any service animal.
  • The service animal must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered while in public places unless these devices interfere with the service animal's work or the person's disability prevents use of these devices.
  • Seating, food, and drink are provided for customer use only. The ADA gives a person with a disability the right to be accompanied by his or her service animal, but 1440 is not required to, nor does it allow, a service animal to sit or be fed at the table.
  • While 1440 does not charge guests any sort of fee for housing your service dog or cleaning its hair and dander, we will assess and charge you for any damage to the room or campus your service animal may cause as we would any other guest.
Is 1440 an appropriate place for me if I am not an experienced workshop attendee or retreat goer? 1440 Multiversity is a place where all are welcome. If you have never attended a retreat or program workshop before, do not be discouraged. Read the program description carefully and follow your heart in terms of your desire to learn. For those who wish to explore mindfulness and self-discovery, we recommend booking a Rest & Renewal stay to stimulate your curiosity, enhance self-awareness, and allow you to be more fully alive so you can leave with more energy than you arrive with. There are no refunds so please choose a program carefully.
Can a friend or family member stop by to visit me while I am at a program? Unfortunately not. Our operating license as a 501(c)(3) requires all visitors to be paid registered guests; therefore, there are no day passes allowed as 1440 is a private campus. Additionally, we cannot sell or offer services to anyone that is not registered to learn. Out of the respect and privacy of those who are immersed in learning, we require all guests to register at the Lodge upon arrival and only registered guests are allowed on campus. For their own safety and security, all registered attendees are required to wear their program badges at all times. 1440 strictly abides by and enforces criminal trespass laws as outlined in California Penal Code 602 PC which can lead to penalties of up to six (6) months in county jail and/or a fine up to $1,000.00 if you are caught trespassing.
What facilities are located on campus for me to use during my free time? 1440 has a Fitness Center equipped with a variety of cardio equipment, free weights, and suspension bands. There is also a Healing Arts center with 22 treatments rooms for massage therapy (appointments are highly encouraged and tend to fill quickly on the weekends), a heated infinity-edge hot tub, as well as gender-specific steam rooms in each locker area. 1440 also offers four miles of private on-site nature trails in addition to several outdoor areas such as Crest and the Cathedral for journaling, meditation, and self-reflection among the redwoods, including the 1,200-year-old "mother tree."
What kind of clothing is acceptable on campus and what should I pack? Comfortable clothing for yoga and movement is acceptable in all classrooms. Slip-on shoes for indoors and shared bathrooms are recommended as are alternative shoes for walking, hiking, and exercising. Keep in mind that 1440 is susceptible to seasonal weather, so depending on your activity intentions it is good to pack a bathing suit for the infinity-edge hot tub in the Healing Arts center, in addition to layered clothing or jackets for inclement weather.