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  • Frequently Asked Questions in 1440 Multiversity
Can I receive a food credit on my package if I skip or miss a meal? 1440 does not issue meal credits if you miss a meal or choose not to dine in Kitchen Table. It is not uncommon for Rest & Renewal guests to explore Santa Cruz and the surrounding area and return for meals, so long as you are continually registered on campus.
Am I allowed to bring food onto campus? While 1440 does not prohibit food to be brought onto campus, you must consume it in a private space and may not bring outside food or beverage into a public area. The forest is also very active with insects which are sensitive to outside smells so we strongly recommend that you remain aware that ants and other insects may be attracted to any food in your guestroom.
Can 1440 accommodate my special dietary needs? 1440 offers communal dining for all guests at Kitchen Table, which does not operate as a freestanding restaurant. We source, prepare, and serve local and organic vegetables, organic and local rice, grains, and legumes, lightly-seasoned proteins, and tofu. We cook exclusively with grapeseed oil and coconut oil. The ingredients for each dish are predetermined and three fresh, seasonal, well-rounded meals are plated to order (you may elect to determine what you like or don't like on your plate). Aside from that, our team is not able to serve unique meals or prepare items to meet individual requests, nor can we prevent exposure to certain foods since the dining room is shared by all campus guests.
Is alcohol allowed and served on campus?
  • 1440 only has a license to serve beer and wine. The restricted license with the State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control requires 1440 to sell and serve all beer and wine on the campus. No other alcoholic beverages may be consumed anywhere on campus, which includes anything that you purchased elsewhere and transported on to the campus.
  • 1440 reserves the right to confiscate or ask you to discard any alcohol that was not purchased at 1440. In extreme cases, anyone who violates these rules may be asked to leave the campus.
  • 1440 requires proper identification (photo ID) of any person of questionable age and will refuse alcoholic beverage service if either the person is under age or proper identification cannot be produced.
  • 1440 may also refuse alcoholic beverage service to any person who, in 1440's judgment, appears to be intoxicated or in the event that persons under the state-mandated age limit are being served alcohol by any non-campus employee.
Does 1440 have room service? Are coffee and tea available in the rooms? 1440 does not offer room service, nor do we provide in-room beverages. As a learning destination, we encourage community dining and offer three meals a day at set times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.